Aug 18, 2006

Austin, Here We Come (hopefully never to return again)

We are heading to Austin again for a scheduled office visit with Skip's surgeon. If anyone remembers the last office visit, we checked into a hospital for 4 days of (actually I can't think of a nice word to use here) for an infection he developed. We think and pray the infection is gone, but our surgeon wants us to visit an infectious disease specialist just to make sure. We haven't been able to get an appt. for that yet. Anyway, I am trying to talk my hubby into stopping by the outlet mall in San Marcos on the way, since it is on the way. So far, no such luck with my wifely persuasion. I even told him he could wait in the car, and drive me to the door of the few stores I need to just pop into for a quick look. No, he won't fall for that one. I guess he knows me too well.


Tiffany said...

I'm sure all went well in Austin. I know have Skip play some music for all shoppers while you go take a "quick look".
We'll have to go do some outlet shopping. I know let's see how many outlet malls a girl can go to in one weekend. Game?

Barb said...

Mine wouldn't fall for that either, Susie. :-)I hope you get a good report on the infection.

Susie said...

Tiff- I am totally up for outlet mall shopping. I need a few weeks to save first. Maybe we could do early Christmas shopping next month.

Barb- No shopping occurred): I will survive because Skip got a great report from the surgeon. We still neeed to see the infectious disease Dr. on Monday just to make sure the antibiotics he is taking are sufficient. At least the office is in Corpus.

Janice said...

Glad to hear Skip is doing better. It was good to see that he was back on stage today. Enjoyed the music today.