Aug 17, 2006

Off to First Date Night in a Month

Woohoo! It's about time for a night out. It has been a whole month, however, we have had endless hours together since Skip's surgery. They just weren't spent in the most romantic of ways in a hospital room with nurses walking in every hour. I'm typing as hubby is getting dressed oh, so cute. He smells good too. The kids are anxiously awaiting their favorite sitter, Sarah. She is one of those treasures who loves to play( I mean really play) with the kids. I love her, and friends living in Corpus-No, you can't have her number, she is mine. Just Kidding! Actually I'm not. Well, don't anyone wait up!


Tiffany said...

Good for you!. Good for both you! Can't wait to hear all the fun you had. Well sort-of.
I've got to get my husband out on a HOT date. Once Capt. training is done. Can't wait. Have fun.

Amanda said...

Okay, I am new to your blog and my comment will not have anything to do with your post. You are so pretty! I love your picture!

Oh and you did say that you are a mother of three?? Well, I will be needing advice soon! :)

momrn2 said...

Hoping you are having a fun, restful, and refreshing night just the two of you!

You so need it and deserve it!

Robin said...

T and I took the kids to my mom's on Fri to SPEND THE NIGHT! It was so nice to go to dinner and see a movie and NOT have to get up withe the wee one in the wee hours the next day.

Hope you had a blast!