Aug 3, 2006

Prayer Needed for Skip

Hi guys,
My name is Tammi, I'm a friend of Susie's- she asked me to post up for her. They are in Austin right now, and Skip is going into emergency surgery tonight. His doctor is concerned about the infection- they are doing surgery to look at his hip, clean it out, and place in a drain. I know your prayers are so important to Skip and Susie- please pray for him. We all want the infection to be completely removed and for Skip to get back home to continue his recovery!
They anticipate about a 3 day hospital stay at this time.
Thank you so much for your prayers. This will be an even bigger testimony, and God will receive all the glory!!!!!

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Padre Reeds said...

Skip will rebound better than before. Just a glitch on a road designed to discourage him. It won't work. He'll be back, better.