Aug 3, 2006

Welcome to Our Roller Coaster Ride

I kid you not, just 6 hours after I wrote the previous post, Skip and I were in the ER. I don't know what happened but he started having chills and feeling bad. I took his temp at midnight and it was 103. Due to the seriousness of infection with a hip replacement, I didn't want to take any chances. We called dear friends to come over and watch the kids and off we went to the hospital. They took blood, started him on iv fluids and examined the wound. It was pretty firm and slightly red. They said his blood level was about a 10.8 which is low, but the same as it had been for him at his last test 2 days before. They gave him an antibiotic through his iv and said it was most likely a surface wound infection beginning. Skip started feeling better when Bil came by with humor and a prayer. We went home when the fevered lowered and are going to see the surgeon in Austin today. Please be in prayer that God will totally heal this infection and Skip can get on with recovery. I know that God is with us and every that has happened to Skip has happened for a purpose. I will update more when I can.

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