Aug 2, 2006

Update on The Skipper

Oh my goodness, it has been 2 weeks since Skip's surgery. He is doing very well. He really scared me for a while there. He was feeling extremely down for about six days after we got home. He was also very pale. We had his blood tested 2 days ago and his hemoglobin was at a lower than normal level. The doc said that is probably the reason. He is getting around on crutches now and improving every day. He is working with an amazing physical therapist too which is a total blessing. He has gone to work a couple of hours this week, and is ready to go back full time(he thinks). He isn't quite ready for the stage due to the standing for 6 services that we have each week. I am in awe of Skip's strength through this whole ordeal. I have to be honest that I felt very emotionally weak at times. I think being a single mom would have to be the hardest job in the world. I really appreciate all my husband does and I can't wait to get him back to his husbandly duties. Thanks again to my family and friends for everything. We feel so blessed!

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Annie said...

I hear you on the single parent thing Susie. I'm goin' it alone this week with Hans taking the boys camping. Nothing huge has happened but it's just nice to have someone to decompress with at the end of the day. Love you and will be praying that all is a.o.k.