Sep 13, 2006

Worth Far More Than Rubies

Today is my sweet mother-in-law's birthday. Linda is the Big 6 0 and we celebrated this past weekend. She is the one in glasses with a big smile on her face. She is surrounded by her boys, her mother and her grandbabies. Even before I married Skip, she began to treat me like a daughter. She loves me, values my opinion, encourages me and inspires me. Over the last several years, she has went through many challenges and changes. I have admired her faith in God and her willingness to persevere. She loves and respects her husband of 40 years and has shown so many people God's love by her attitude . If I could be half as good of wife, mother, friend and grandmother(someday) I will feel so blessed. Happy Birthday Linda!


Nan said...

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God bless!

Susanne said...

What a blessing to have great grandmother, grandmother and all those children and grandchildren together. Happy Birthday to her!

Barb said...

That IS a four generational photo. My mother-in-law was like that. She treated me like I was her own daughter. When I hear nightmare stories about the problems some people have with their mother-in-law, sure makes me realized how blessed I was to have her. You too! But you obviously know that.

Julie said...

A good mother-in-law is hard to find, and you are indeed blessed to have Linda!

I'm trying to be all that to my daughter-in-law, who happens to be the sweetest young lady on the planet!

Pamela said...

Wishing your wonderful Mother-in-law a very Happy and Blessed B-day!

You loving and kind words are a real tribute to your relationship. Hope you all have a super day!

Part II of Our Love Story is up, I had to laugh over yours and everyone's comments. :)

Overwhelmed! said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your mother-in-law. She looks very happy indeed, with good reason! She's got a beautiful family.

I love that you're close to your husband's family. Isn't it nice when you can actually enjoy the company of your in-laws! :)

Linda said...

What a coincidence!! I will be sixty in a couple of months and will have been married forty years in January. My name is Linda. She sounds like a very special lady.

Chappyswife said...

A great tribute to your mother-in-law. I am glad you are blessed with a good one, and Happy Birthday to her!