Feb 25, 2007

The Soundtrack of My Life

When I saw this meme from Bigmama who got it from DeeDee, I had to join in. As you can tell from some of my previous posts, I love music! This was fun, but hard because I love so many different types of music and my favorites change on a daily basis.

Favorite Song From Childhood: This is a hard one because there are so many songs that remind me of my childhood. I loved "You're the One That I Want" from Grease Soundtrack. I love Neil Diamond's "Love on the Rocks" because my mom always played this song from her 8 track. She and my dad did experience the "love on the rocks" he was singing about. I also loved "My Name is Michael" in my single digit years. Actually the title of the song was "Playground in my Mind", but I just found that out when reflecting on the words. My cousins and I have this recording on a cassette somewhere from when we used to put on shows for our parents.

Favorite High School Dance Song: "We've Got the Beat" by the Go Go's for a fast song, and slow dance would be a toss up between George Michael's "Careless Whispers" and Duran Duran's "Save a Prayer".

Senior Class Song: "If You Leave" by Orchestral Maneovers in the Dark. It was between that song and "We Are the World". This girl went with "If You Leave" because it was after all in the closing scene of "Pretty in Pink" my fav. show at the time.

Favorite Rock & Roll Song:"In the Name of Love" by U2

Favorite Disco Song: Andy Gibb's "I Just Want to be Your Everything" and I also love the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack and Xanadu. Can you say sit and your room for hours on end singing along?

Favorite Country Western Song: This is so hard. In high school and college I loved Alabama and George Strait-All of their stuff. Now, I am a huge fan of Rascall Flatts and my favorite song of theirs is a toss up of between

Favorite Pop Song: Once again I love too many! I love pop music probably the best! I love Duran Duran, Maroon 5(Skip hates them), Matchbox Twenty(Skip hates them too),

Favorite All Time Love Song: "Everything I Do, I Do it For You" by Bryan Adams. This is probably not my all time favorite, but it is really special because it was our "first dance song" that played at our wedding. For my favorite fun love song that even my kids sing along to is an oldie, "Love Will Keep us Together" by the Captain and Tennille. That is just a fun song to sing along to. Am I right?

Favorite Break Up Song: "Missing You" by John Waite. This brings back memories of my best friend Melissa and I at the John Waite concert before our senior year. He was playing at Astroworld in Houston, Tx. and it poured down rain through the entire concert, while we screamed out, " I ain't missing you, I ain't missing you, I can lie to myself." We had our dates with us and believe it or not, we both broke up with them within months. I know- shocker!

Favorite Make Out Song: "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak. Do you remember the video? Shame on you. It will be forever banned from my children. Oh, I can't forget "Crazy for You" by Madonna. Skip and I really don't require makeout music. Silence is oh so wonderful at this stage of life with 3 kids.

Song That Always Makes You Cry: "Because You Loved Me" by JoDee Messina. Go download on your ipod today!!! Think of singing it to Jesus and you will cry. Trust me, it is exactly what I feel about God.

Song That Reminds You Of Your Husband: "Love of my Life" sang by Donny Osmond. Written by Jim Brickman. You have to go find it and listen. It is just gorgeous and we claim it as Our Song. You can share it with us because I know a lot of you gals have some love going on too out there and you will love it. You have to listen to Donny Osmond's version because basically he rules on vocals. Don't laugh, he does!

Favorite Gospel/Praise Song: Since this is what I have mostly listened to over the last ten years, I have too many favorites so instead I will give a couple of my favorites that I will never get sick of hearing. I love Paul Coleman's "I'm Coming Home" the slow version. I love Newsboys "In Wonder". I was just crying and praising to it earlier today. I also love, love, love Hillsong's "All I Am". My friend Lindsey sang this at church one day and I think I was actually bawling out long. Lindsey has a way of singing from her heart that leaves no doubt that she is FULL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Favorite Ringtone on Cellphone: Believe it or not, I have no ringtone music. Boring, I know.

This was too fun, recalling all the music of my past. Join in if you have several hours to spare. Just kidding, it will only take that long if you have children stopping you ever 5 minutes for food and playtime.


Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

Well, now I just adore you! You made me think of two songs that I love, "Missing You" and "Playground In My Mind". AND you have a Donny Osmond song on your list. Awesome!

debbie said...

I loved reading what all your favorites were! Oh my goodness, My Name is Michael!!! I still remember all the words! I really liked the babababa part! We thought we were really good, didn't we?

I don't think I've ever heard the Donny Osmond song. I need to download it.


Momma Roar said...

I'm going to be singing "You've got the beat" all night now. "Yeah, you've got it!"
That was fun reading through your favs.
I found yours through boomama's. I hope you don't mind me stopping by.

Pamela said...

You have a broad range of songs that are your favorites, a smörgåsbord of sorts! My hubby is a little bit country and I am a little bit rock and roll. We both like Christian. lol Nice job on the meme! Brings back a lot of memories!