Apr 27, 2007

Friday Fun

House Stuff
My house is still for sale, and we have yet to have an offer placed. I know I have done everything I can humanly do, and now I am waiting for what only God can do. It is not a matter of the price or even the house itself, there really aren't any homes selling in my area or price range. This waiting, and praying has been so wonderful for me. I am out of control, and that is precisely where I need to be so that I can look to God through all of the uncertainty. The blessing, as I've mentioned before, is that Skip is able to stay with family when he begins in May. He has been home working on the computer so much lately, that I haven't had a chance to really blog or catch up with all of your blogs.

I did find a home I love in Victoria, but we are waiting to make an offer until we have someone interested here. I am praying that it will still be on the market, but if it's not, I know God will have something even better in store. That may be why we haven't sold our's yet because there is a perfect house which is not yet on the market. Don't you love how I think I have it all figured out? There goes the control thing again. LOL

I have been spending a lot of time with Skip and the kids over the last two weeks. I know I haven't left yet, but it is wierd that I feel like I don't really belong here. I went to my current church last week with the kids, while Skip went to Victoria, but it was a strange feeling. I didn't understand why I felt that way because that has been my church for the last 9 years. I think it is because my heart is already thinking of my new church home. The new friends and connections have already begun, and I am going through some sort of natural letting go process, I guess. My close friends still call or email daily, but others I think have already gone on with me gone. That is a good thing, and it probably is best. I am so happy the friendships I hold dear are still letting me know that we will keep in touch. I know several of my past friendships have only grown stronger when they moved away. It is wierd how you can say so much and really share your heart with someone when you are writing instead of talking.

Skip is busy with creating all kinds of neat things for the web, video and music at our new church. He is so happy, and giddy(yes, I said giddy) about all God is going to do. He keeps asking my opinion about songs, and video ideas to add to the services, which is totally fun for me. We used to do that kind of thing together all the time a couple of years ago. We think alike and our humor is so similiar, that we ended up cracking up forever last night about all the silly things we have done over the years together. You know, my man is certainly not perfect, but he is just a perfect match for me. I hope everyone loves and accepts Skip at Parkway, just the way everyone has done at BAF.

Bible Study
I only have four more weeks of the Daniel study, and do you know what? I don't know if this brain of mine can handle it. Just kidding, this is by far the BEST STUDY I HAVE EVER DONE! I was confused by a scripture yesterday, probably due to the fact that Beth Moore had me flipping pages and rewinding the dvd like crazy, and I remembered that my dad and I went through a study of Revelation about 13 years ago together. Not only when I called him to ask the question, did he know the answer, he within 30 seconds, had out his outline and notes to share and help me. Skip said, "He probably had the file labeled by date and color coded." He's right about that, and I love my daddy for it. I started thinking about all the bible study time I can have with my dad when I get back. I know without hesitation, he IS in the Word everyday. It wasn't that way growing up. He did not ask Christ into his heart until my parents divorced and he hit rock bottom about 16 years ago. I praise God that he gave me the dad I always wanted, even if I was 24 years old when it finally happened.

I don't know if I mentioned this but my old bible church pastor is now on staff at Parkway. He knows all that Hebrew, Greek translation stuff that makes my brain hurt but I have suddenly developed a passion to know more. Since small groups are where bible studies take place outside of the church during the week and not on the weekend, I was so psyched to learn that there are a few adult Sunday school classes. I may be a bit out of place, but I told Skip that I am signing up. He just smiled and laughed. He thinks I'm a little like my daddy I'm afraid. I am currently leading only my 3rd bible study in my home, and I would love to continue, but with more knowledge and understanding. I really want to help new christian women in their walk.

Important Stuff
That's about it, other than I found some really cute shoes at Target last week. If you want to take a look, here they are. I have a narrow foot, and these fit great. I love heels and feeling tall when I'm only 5'5''. I found a cute black and white polka dot top to match at Ross. I think I paid around $11.99. I love me a good deal. Happy Friday everyone!


momrn2 said...

I'm so thankful for the update! It helps to know better how to specifically pray.

It sounds like things are moving along and a peace is present that is obviously from the Lord.

I tried to see your new shoes but couldn't get the picture to load. :-(... how fun to have some new things anyway!

Happy weekend to you!!

Linda said...

It's so good to hear from you Susie. I know just how you feel. We have been in a sort of "limbo" for such a long tim now. I like to be in control too, but the Lord is teaching me in a very real way that that just isn't always possible. In fact, it's hardly ever possible!!
I think He is preparing your heart for this new move. You heart attitude must be so pleasing to Him. I just know He has something very special in store for you. I will continue to pray that He will go before you and make a clear path for you to follow.
I loved that Daniel study too. It was a difficult one, but I learned so much. I love studying the word!!
Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend.

Penless Thoughts said...

So glad to hear from you. Been missing you. The shoes are cute. It is great to hear the peace of God that is enveloping you, Susie. That's what it's all about isn't it? We know everything will work out in God's perfect timing and way. You can tell you and Skip are having such joy together. What a glorious blessing.

Robin said...

I am so glad you posted an update. I've been meaning to call and check in on you. I understand about the weird feelings at BAF. I didn't even go my last Sunday at FC for various reasons. It was almost like I just needed to rip the band aid right off instead off pulling slowly.

I'll continue to be in prayer for the house...and cute shoes!

Julie said...

Thakns for the update, Susie.

Sounds like you're "out of control and loving it". LOL Our faith is certainly s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d- when we go through times like these. The reward is greater faith! Yours already seems to be growing, girl!
And praise God you guys are laughing!

Oh, by the way, LOVE the shoes...they actually look like you, they really do!

SiouxSue said...

It's hard to move, but much easier when you have a new church home to go to. In all my 64+ years in Texas, I have never been in Victoria. Hope you love it.

We are enjoying our trip back in time to Tennessee.

Chappyswife said...

I enjoyed hearing what is going on with you. I am excited to hear what God is going to do with you now that you are at a point that only He can work! I am there in a different area of my life, and it is so exciting to wait and see what He chooses!