Apr 21, 2007

An Beautiful Day in Corpus

It doesn't matter how sunny and hot it is in Corpus Christi, you can rest assure that there is almost always a breeze blowing. I love the wind so much, even though my hair will tell you otherwise. I will probably miss that feeling so much when I move.

I was playing some basketball with my son outside today and we ended up sitting on the basketballs having a chat about random things. We were talking about some of the houses I saw online that I will be viewing this week, and about what we will be doing about his school options next year. Seth, as well as my girls, like the idea of homeschooling and we were discussing some of the things that we hoped God would give us clear direction about in the next few weeks. As we were talking, we just decided to pray together outside. We pray all the time inside, but rarely out in the open with the breeze blowing through our hair. It was probably one of the best prayer times I've had with Seth, and let me just say that he is my Number One prayer warrior. Remember when it snowed in Corpus several winters ago? Seth takes full credit for that answered prayer. He also believes that is why the Aggies(Whoop!) beat that certain Austin team this year in football. I know God listens to our prayers, and when we put our trust in him, he will lead the way. Seth has learned this at a very young age, and I feel truly blessed for that. He will be fine whatever path God leads us along.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Seth and me. We took it at a wedding several years ago, but I think he is still just as cute today. I can't wait to still be praying prayers of faith with this sweet young boy when he too big to set on his mama's lap.


momrn2 said...

Sweet, precious boy for sure!!

Continuing to pray with you all as you make these changes and move forward following God's direction and leading!

Penless Thoughts said...

Oh Susie, what a beautiful post and time of sharing with your precious son. Oh yes, he'll be too big to sit on your lap someday but like my 6'1" and 6'3" sons he will still love you and hug you and kiss you and let you know how special us are to him. It's wonderful when son's can show their love for their parents, Mother & Father alike.

Loved the sweet picture!

Susanne said...

That is a beautiful picture of you and your boy!

I have to say though, that me and you don't agree on all things wind. The wind around here is so strong and goes for days on end that when we get a break it's like heaven.

Linda said...

What beautiful pictures - the one of you and Seth and the one you give us with your words of you and Seth praying outside together. Precious moments. I have been encouraged by the faith of my children many times. It is all so uncomplicated for them. We ask; God answers. Oh to have the faith of a child.
I'll be praying for you as you make the necessary decisions for house and school.

Julie said...

It's a toss-up as to who's cuter - you or Seth. *smile*

Don't you just love those
spontaneous prayer times? And oh, I adore a nice breeze. As your hair was flying, so were your prayers...straight into God's ears.

Sending love & prayers your way!

Robin said...

That's funny, I just posted a pic of my littlest one and me. I love those kinds of pictures and wish I had more.

Your prayer with your kids inspires me!

Kathleen Marie said...

And keep praying as when they hit middle school they often think they are big enough to pray alone, but do not stop...keep praying with them!

Love the picture!

God Bless!

Chappyswife said...

That sounds like a great time for you and Seth. There is nothing like a little boy to love on. I can see why you treasure that picture of the two of you - you look great.

I could handle our hot, humid summers a lot better with a cool breeze blowing.

Blessed Assurances said...

That is so precious! What a great legacy you are giving to your children. Good luck with the house hunting!

SiouxSue said...

Lovely photo. We enjoy going down to the Corpus area...love to drive out on Padre Island.

DA Wagners said...

Your description of you and your son gave me some insight of how it will be with my sons when they are older. I desire to have that very same relationship with them. Thanks for sharing it with us.