May 15, 2007

A Great Weekend and Some Treats from My Peeps

Skip had an amazing weekend as worship pastor at Parkway church. Everyone was so supportive and loving to us. I was able to sit through church with my babies, my mother, my sister and her husband,and her two children. I also went to a Saturday night service with my sweet mother-in-law and my father-in-law. I wish I could say how blessed I feel that even though I am leaving so much behind in Corpus, I know that this move is going to bring happiness in so many ways.

Yesterday, the pastor's wives of BAF, treated me to lunch as a farewell sendoff. It was so wonderful to visit with all the girls together one last time. I can't begin to tell you how much I love each and every one of them. They inspire, encourage and love me. What a joy to know each of them. I know a couple of them read this blog occasionally, so-Thank you Jessica, Terri, April, Lindsey, Cathy, Amy and Leslie! So in the stolen words from my hubby, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

Jessica gave me such a beautiful name canvas that says, "Home is where our story begins". Don't you just love that? It is so neutral in color that it will go anywhere. Just perfect!

Terri gave me the lovely journal, stationary, picture frame and notepad. We took the picture together last summer at a wedding. Amy gave me the beautiful plate, coffee mug, and decorative napkins. There was chocolate too, but I already shared it all with Ashley. It was delicious! Amy also presented the gift in a beautiful ribbon display which I wish I had a picture of. These friends of mine are so creative. Amy is also the one who makes purses which I will make sure to post the website when it is up. You are all going to want one of her specialty handbags.

This was such a nice surprise. Lindsey and April had this made by our talented friend Candy. If you look closely and click on the picture it is my blog title. They were both there the night I had the carnation experience from which I wrote my title story, and then used it for my title. Isn't it precious? It makes me want to do my bathroom in these fun colors, or if we get to have an office in the next house.


Trella said...

What wonderful gifts. I will be praying for your move.

Penless Thoughts said...

Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day and a wonderful send off party from your friends.

Julie said...

Oh, YAY, Susie for such a wonderful weekend. What lovely gifts you received.

I am continuing to believe with you for God to finish the good work He has begun here...(in other words, for Him to sell your house.)


Barb said...

If you'd like to get your mind off the house, I've tagged you. Enquiring minds want to know some weird facts about you. :-)

What a lovely Mother's Day. Lucky you!

Susanne said...

What great ladies to bless you that way! Cute gifts too!

Ruth said...

I'm so glad the first weekend at the new church went so well. You are surrounded by blessings...good friends where you are leaving and family and new friends where you are going! Your send off party looks like it was a lot of fun!

Linda said...

I think it is so wonderful that you are already so at home in the new church. And what precious friends you have Susie. Each of those gifts will serve as wonderful reminders of your friendship. God is so good at putting special people in our lives.
I pray the house will sell very soon now.

Lyndy said...

What wonderful friends and nice gifts you received. You will think of them everytime you use them.

Praying for your house to sell quickly and your move to go smoothly.


CoachJ said...

How nice! I like them all, but love the plaque with your title on it! Do you find yourself decorating your house with carnations?

Mike said...

"Home is where our story begins". So true and simply perfect.


Jennifer said...

What a wonderful send off. God bless you as you move and start your new life at your new church. They are blessed to have you among them

DA Wagners said...

Wow! Your entire blog entry sounds like it could appear on a Hallmark movie. Do friends like that really exist?!? I'm just kidding. I've met so many giving women at BayArea. Thanks for taking the time to snap photos of the gifts! They are all wonderful. You totally deserve the spoilage!

Deidre said...

What great friends you have. I love the tile made with your blog title on it. Beautiful!

Also, I went back to read the story of your title. I LOVE that story. What a GOD moment for you and what an amazing lesson for all of us. I love your blog!