Jul 15, 2007

The Blogging Church

I went to the blogging church today. I'm not talking about the awesome book that Robin's husband wrote, but intead I actually had church at home this morning. This was new to me, but I thoroughly felt God's presence none the less. I think I needed some real personal time with God, and thankfully my kids slept super late so I could.

I started with some praise music (Josh Grobin) over at Barb's. I never get sick of this song even though she has probably posted it a hundred times. Don't quit Barb. Next I had a much needed sermon on being critical over at Boomama's. God really spoke to me this week about some issues I had in this area, and this was just what I needed to have the nail hammered in all the way. Next, I heard a great lesson at Penless Writer in realizing that God is never taken by surprise by our circumstances. We need to trust him that he has plans and purposes for all those situations that we are completely floored by when they occur. This is how that lesson played out. Lastly, I was led to part blog/part Joel Osteen over at Oh Fiddle-Dee-Dee. Oh my goodness, this excerpt on "Trusting God's Timing" is exactly what I needed to hear, from start to finish. So good!

I wasn't able to go with Skip to Victoria today, and I didn't feel like heading over to my old church, so the blogging church was the next best thing. It turned out to be the exact thing I think God wanted for his child today.


Linda said...

I think sometimes we do just need to have "church" at home. God has a way of being able to speak just exactly what we need to hear in so many ways. I'm glad He blessed you this morning Susie.
Have a good sunday with the kids!

Penless Thoughts said...

I'm glad God used my words to minister to you. I am always awed the way God always places right in front of me exactly what I need to hear, exactly when I need to hear it. What a good and mighty God we serve. He truly ALWAYS has our best interest and His ultimate purpose in everything that is going on in our lives.

DeeDee said...

Girl, I've been going to the blogging church every night! I have got to get a grip on myself! I'm not kidding...2am...3am. I am so amazed at the talented women out there who are inspiring us and encouraging us right from their computers (all hours of the day and night!). I've literally reset my internal clock, so when school starts I'm going to be a mess! I do miss seeing you at church. It's just not the same without you. But so glad you had a chance to fellowship with your blog sistas!

Ruth said...

God is faithful to find us, regardless of where we are when we search for him. Isn't that awesome?!

Tiffany said...

oh my gosh. God's timing! I went chruch blogging with you... just now. Lets just say after coming a trip to the west coast, us Lockes are doing some prayer. Lunch????

Barb said...

Sunday mornings in B'ville ARE like going to church, Susie.

And LOL, the reason I post Josh over and over again is I simply love it and can't find a single other song I like better. You have to admit. It's been at least two months since the last time I posted that video. :-)

Lyndy said...


So many people have emailed me about my blog post and I am so glad it blessed you as it did me.

Have a blessed week.


Robin said...

Thanks for the link love friend! And, next time you find yourself at home during they typical church hours, check out Lifechurch's internet campus. (Terry will be the inet pastor next weekend, so I'll be there!)They do live praise music and sermon. It's actually pretty cool!

We'd love to have you! =)

Chappyswife said...

We've really been going through some things and going to church when it's open hasn't been enough for me, so I've found myself doing this same thing when I'm online. There are so many awesome writers and websites out there, and I have my favorite worship music saved, too. It gives me something to do while I'm feeding the baby (in addition to staring at his gorgeous self!) :0) It has really helped me to stay "up" more than I can do on my own.