Sep 19, 2007

Kid Nation

Have you seen this? My kids watched the first episode tonight and LOVED it. In fact, they are acting out their own Kid Nation right now. I hear dishes clanging, meetings being held, and words like, "I have to use the outhouse". What a great show, and such a neat program to watch as a family. I don't think my kids would last one hour stranded in an old ghost town having to fend for themselves, but they are trying to pretend right now in our air conditioned house, with a fully stocked fridge. They are really roughing it, huh?


Padre Reeds said...

when they get in a youth self-governing mood and start working around the house, give that kid nation a rhythm to work Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation.

One time a farmer came home to find a large cluster of self-governing tar balls in his living room. His exclamation begat the phrase "What in Tar Nation!?"

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Yeah, roughing it. LOL Kind of like the way my girls roughed it on camping trips when they were growing up. You know. In our motor home with electricity and heat and a/c and a full kitchen. My kids like to rough it just about as much as I do. I don't think I would last one hour on Kid Nation!

Lindsey G said...

I would love to see those kids acting Kid Nation out! I bet it is so funny!