Nov 27, 2007

Almost 40 and Feeling It

Whether I like it or not, my fortieth b-day is quickly approaching. I now have less than one month to say I'm in my thirties. Skip has already hit the big 40 so I know I can make it through too. Even though I still feel 20 at times, some things have definitely started to change. Just want to share some of the "changes" with you, just in case some of you youngens out there want to be prepared for the road ahead.

1. I can't see all of a sudden. I haven't been to an eye doctor yet, but I'm pretty sure my previous 20/20 vision is history. I have been caught holding books, labels, and medicine further away than normal. My dad tells me that is part of old age. Did you hear that? Old age?

2. My knees crack and pop when I get up in the mornings. What is up with that? I can still do a killer cartwheel and flips on the trampoline, but my body now lets me know that I shouldn't.

3. I would rather have chocolate for a meal. I never thought I would be one of "those" women who would get so excited about a new dessert recipe, but I am.

4. My memory is fading. Just today, I completely missed the turn to my street. I kept driving, and didn't realize I had missed the street until I.........what was I talking about? See, there you go.

5. Every time someone comes by to visit I have to make a pot of coffee, and offer cookies and snacks. My grandmother has always done this, and now I'm doing it. I guess my friends are getting old too because they always accept.

*On the bright side, my hips are slimmer, my wrinkles have miraculously disappeared, and I always get 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. HA! I wish!


Penless Thoughts said...

Cute post!!!

Laurel Wreath said...

Really??? And I look older than you..I still have three years. Girl you look great!

Lyndy said...

You do look great but boy can I relate to the vision and memory problems. I won't turn 40 till next year but I can already feel the difference in some stuff. lol

Remember age is just a number. I too don't feel my age.

Ruth said...

I know. I still want to believe I'm 25. I won't turn 40 for a couple of years yet, but it's getting closer and closer. (Sigh...)

Tiffany said...

okay that is to priceless and errrry all at the same time. I've got two more years till I reach the big 40 and I'm expericing all those things and more. My biggest thing is sight and forgetting. Help me now. I can see my Nana in my everyday sometimes moment by moment. Love you. Remember we are wiser and more beautiful then before. We are!!!!

born of the heart said...

I'm already so blind that if it gets any worse my next prescription will be a seeing eye dog. And I have to wake up fifteen minutes early to warm up the joints, sad; hopefully these kids will keep me young at heart.