Dec 4, 2007

My Boys

Seth finally had his first hunting adventure yesterday. He and Skip went with some friends who have a ranch less than an hour from our home. They didn't shoot anything, but they had such a great time bonding and hanging out together in the deer blind. Seth and Skip captured a large buck on film. If you want to check it out, go by Skip's blog to take a look. You need to click on the word "here" when you get there. We laughed at our preppy boy dressed in camo with a Gap hat. Too funny!


Tiffany said...

too cute. We should get seth and jillian together to go on a hunt. Jillian loves it.
Great viedo. SO the million dollor question did they shoot it?!!! Jeff the hunter was asking. Great aim he said!!!

Twisting his arm said...

Love the picture! I know my hubby CAN'T WAIT for our son to be old enough to go hunting.

Julie said...

Oh Susie, I have SO many memories of my dad hunting. EVERY year he bagged a buck - which he skinned and butchered in our basement (I know...EWWWW!) and then we had venison all winter long.

Sidenote: I cannot stand venison.


Your guys look like they had a great time!

Ruth said...

I'm glad father and son had some great bonding time! Maybe next time he'll get one. Nobody in either side of our families are hunters, so it's all foreign ground to me. =o)

Tiffany said...

by the way love the new picture of you. Very ooooh, la, la. Love it!

DA Wagners said...

I can't wait till my boys can go hunting with their dad! Free time for me! Wahooo! By the way, I love your new pic. That color looks great on you! We have kind of the same complexion, so I might still the color idea for future shopping adventures!