Dec 9, 2007

Tree is Finally Up!

I don't have much room for a tree this year, no staircase to spread out the garland and lights, and no mantle for the stockings, but I think everything turned out beautiful just the same.

I waited so late this year to get my tree up because I had to go back to Corpus and climb in my attic to retrieve our pre-lit tree. My legs are so sore from carrying boxes and tubs down the stairs. I think my muscles are in shock right now. Annie helped me with the ornaments while we listened to Michael W. Smith's Christmas CD. It reminds me more of a Nutcracker ballet type sound, but I love it nonetheless. Annie wasn't happy with that type of sound, so after 4 or 5 songs, I had to put on last year's Aly and AJ. It is one of my favorite Christmas CD's.
I had a huge Christmas wish answered today that I couldn't wait to share with all my blogging friends. My mom's husband Bobby had surgery to put in a stint in his aorta this week and he was able to go home in less than 24 hours. Praise God! But that wasn't the answer to prayer. We have been praying for him for years that he will come to know Christ as his personal Saviour. Well, today was a huge start. HE CAME TO OUR CHURCH! Our interim pastor shared a beautiful message and hopefully my stepfather was able to hear the voice of God calling to him. I could not be more thrilled. You know with all the house woes, and uncertainty that comes with that, this was a perfect gift to rejoice in. It is a wonderful start. I am so thankful for Bobby's heart being willing to step out and give it a try.
We have so much on our to do list this week, and I haven't bought a single gift. Can you imagine? Skip is having dental work tomorrow so please pray for little pain and a quick recovery. I am also having my mother's side of the family's Christmas party at my house this Saturday, so home schooling is going to involve a lot of Christmas music and cleaning. I'm still trying to figure out how to fit anywhere from 30 to 50 people in my home. I think we will have to spill out onto the back deck. Anyway, I hope you are all taking time this season to love your hubby, your family members and remember to show some Jesus love to everyone you come across. Blessings!


Ruth said...

Susie, that is so wonderful about Bobby! I will pray that he did indeed hear and that he will make a public decision soon!

Your tree, stockings, and house look lovely. My tree still isn't up, so you are doing good. We did get the boxes down, so hopefully we can get the tree Tuesday.

Blessings to you and your family!

Julie said...

Hi Susie,
We just decorated our tree today and listened to Michael W. Smith's Christmas CD - I love it! Such gorgeous music, what a joy to listen to.

Rejoicing with you on Bobby's trip to church - seeds were planted, no doubt.

Praying for your hubby's quick recovery.

Have fun stuffing your house full of people. Toby Mac has a song that says "When love is in the house the house is packed, so much so I left the back door cracked." Your house will be full of people and filled with LOVE.


DA Wagners said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . . Your tree is beautiful, and it looks so real! I sent a prayer for Bobby and your husband.

Leslie said...

Girl... Love the center piece on your table...may have to steal that idea! Prayin for Skip's dental work and your sanity! Bryan and I Miss the heck outta you guys! Hopefully we can come visit after the Craziness of the holidays!

Chappyswife said...

Beautiful decorations!

Just wanted to let you know that ever since you moved, when I try to reply to your comments, my reply gets returned undeliverable.

Have a great week!

Twisting his arm said...

Love the Christmas decorations! My Christmas decorations consist of 4 lovely Christmas cards! I know... not much... BUT I am hoping to get a few more cards before Christmas!

Susanne said...

Your tree and stockings look lovely!

Yay for Bobby stepping out and going to church with you!

Robin said...

It looks just beautiful! And you are together which is all that matters.

And let me just post the comment here for Duran Duran..I do like them, but it's interesting to go see bands that were really popular in the 80's. We saw INXS with their new lead singer and I'm pretty sure 40 was the avg age. And I mostly sat unless I couldn't see for the 40 yr old hookers sitting in front of me. =)