Dec 12, 2007

What to Post...Hmmm?

Duran Duran Concert last night.

Not the best picture, but you can get a glimpse of two Duranies preparing to rock out to "A View to a Kill" and "Wild Boys". I think the best two songs of the night were "Reach Out for the Sunrise" and "Rio". Well, "The Reflex" and their newer "Falling Down" were pretty good too. You should have seen all the screaming forty year-olds. We had such a blast! Simon LeBon sounded amazing. He was definitely the best vocally that I've ever heard him. I think this was my fifth time to see , but the closest to the stage. We were about three feet from the stage, and I think John Taylor definitely winked at me twice. Ha Ha, just kidding. It was so hysterical after the concert. We went to Whataburger for taquitos and fries, and our whole group was walking around like 80 year olds. My feet were killing me, Skip's hip, our friend Bard's knees, and Skip's brother's back. Too funny! Skip has a short clip from the concert on his blog. One thing I realized last night is that our generation does not have trouble worshipping, but they do have trouble knowing who it is we should worship. My friend Mollie shouted over the noisy crowd last night, "Boy, do we live in a bubble." Sadly, I could not have agreed more. We have some major kingdom work to do people.


Julie said...

OH MY GOSH. Talk about a TIME WARP.

Duran Duran? They were my favorite back in The Day.

TOO FUNNY!You OLD rockers, you!


Susanne said...

Funny how our bodies let us know we are not teenagers any more isn't it? What is up with that?! :vD

Tiffany said...

okay that was sooooo coool!!! I'm like totally jealous of you going!
We have to totally go to an all girl 80 concert. DO they exist anymore. Air supply?, U2? Richard Marx? OH my. I'm so glad you had fun and an awesome time with your hubby and friends.
Oh, back home from surgery. All went well.

DA Wagners said...

Great post! I want to name my first girl "Rio," but Daniel won't let met! Although, I think I've grown out of the name . . . the song still rules, though. I still work out to it sometimes.

You're a hottie. I bet he winked at you several times!!!

DA Wagners said...

Oh! I forgot. I thought that picture of the man singing was Skip!