Feb 2, 2008

Birthdays and Wishes Come True!

Here's Annie with her older cousins Matt and Steph at Christmas. Matt gave Annie the best gift ever for her b-day this year! You see my baby girl who just turned eight has a huge puppy love crush on Zac Efron from HSM and since Matt is a buddy of his, he got her a signed copy of the HSM 2 cd. She was estatic! He wrote, "To Annie All My Love, Zac Efron". Zac also signed a copy of the HSM 2 DVD for Ashley and a basketball for Seth. However, Annie is the one who was most thrilled due to her HUGE puppy love crush on him. We haven't given Annie her gift from us yet because she is waiting for our trip here in a week or so. All she wants is this, and she wants it so bad. She really plays with all her American girls and her Bitty babies. Ashley still joins in too. I'm so glad they opened up an American Girl in Dallas because it will be a lot less expensive than a plane ride.
My little man Seth has just turned 11. OUCH! For some reason that is so hard to stomach. I baby him so much more than a mother should, but it is because he had such a rough start in life. He is doing so great, and his favorite things at the moment are riding go-carts here and playing this birthday gift.


Penless Thoughts said...

I'd say your children are blessed.

Debbie said...

It meant so much to Matt to be able to bless your kids. He loves and misses them so much! Maybe one day we can all go out and visit him. Tell Seth to have fun with his guitar hero. It's a great invention! Tell Annie & Seth that I'll get there gifts to them soon. I think I will go ahead and mail them, since I won't get home until the 10th or 11th.

Love ya,

Susanne said...

Wow, what a cool birthday gift for Annie! She'll treasure that for years to come.

Twisting his arm said...

I have a huge puppy love crush on Zac. I have never seen HSM but he does incredible interviews because he is so well spoken with a good head on his shoulders. Hopefully he remains that way.

Okay, the American Girl thing is super cool but WHY are they SO expensive!?! Me and my twin bought our little sister (age 9) a look-a-like doll and it was 100 bucks!

All this talk about girly stuff makes me want to have a girl. Hopefully soon...