Feb 2, 2008

My Sweet Annie

Annie came up to me tonight and said, "Do you like Spam?" She wasn't referring to junk email I soon found out. She meant the kind that comes in a can. "Well, no actually I don't." She does and she ate it while at her MeeMee and PawPaw's house this past week. I didn't even know the stuff was still available. Annie also informed me she likes it straight out of the can or fried. Excuse me while I call my mother-in-law.

Earlier today Annie and Ashley were looking up baby names because Annie needed some new ones for her twin dolls. She is tired of Rachel and Ryan. They started to look up their own names and all of a sudden Annie ran out of the room and shut her door for about 30 minutes. When she came out, she grabbed my hand and led me to a beautifully cleaned bedroom. She said that she looked up her name and it meant "gracious and merciful". Wow, if I would have known that, I would have plastered that on her wall in huge letters a long time ago. Ashley stayed hanging out at the computer playing. It might have something to do with her name just means a tree.


Skip said...

This is stinkin hilarious! I did not know this about my own daughter. Sus you are hilarious!

Linda said...

Which goes to show, we must be very careful what we name our children!! Seriously, this is just adorable Susie.
I'm glad the trip was everything you dreamed it would be. It sounds just wonderful

Susanne said...

LOL, aren't kids funny? Who knows what will motivate them.

Penless Thoughts said...

Cute about their names!!!

Julie said...

Emily's name, spiritual connotation and life verse is beautifully done by an artist friend of mine AND it's framed - yet her room is STILL a pig stye.


Oh, and when we visited some friends in Minnesota a few years ago, my hubby visited the Spam Museum. Who knew there even WAS a Spam Museum?

I stayed home. I detest the stuff.

DA Wagners said...

Spam is great on a grilled cheese sandwhich. You've got to try it!

Robin said...

Both Reia and Reese mean "it's the only name your dad and I could agree on."