Feb 23, 2008

Last night we had my brother and his wife over for dinner. I love spending time with them, and the kids love playing with their two yr. old twins. They are full of energy, but just precious. Not to make you hungry, but Skip made the most outstanding lobster and artichoke dip. We had a version at Red Lobster once, but we all agreed that that was nothing compared to this heavenly appetizer. He also made jumbo shrimp in a tempura batter, and some sauteed butter/garlic and onion shrimp to keep things on the healthier side(HA HA-not). I would show the pictures, but we were so hungry, by the time I thought of it, every dish was eaten. I really think that Skip should start a food blog, but the problem is that he never measures his ingredients and he rarely makes an entree the same every time. He is always perfecting and changing. In fact, he is just that way in so many areas. I remember when he would sit and oil paint for hours and then all of a sudden he moved on. When Photoshop first came out, the brushes and oils were permanently put away. At another stage of our marriage he would sit with a guitar and just play and sing to me all the time. Then he was introduced to the wonderful world of digital recording, and forget our quiet evenings. Headphones were on and music recording took over. I guess right now the world of culinary arts are in full bloom. I better enjoy it while it lasts!

Here is a picture of my bro Billy and his son Conner. Conner wasn't so happy because we were playing a game of 80's Trivial pursuit and he wasn't invited to join in.
Shelby was just perfectly happy having a sleeping Triscuit on her lap .


Debbie said...

I want Skip to cook for us!!! But considering how picky I am, it might be hard. You have such a talented husband! We both are SO blessed!

Conner and Shelby are getting so big. I have to go see them soon!

Ashley said...

shelbey was so cute snuggling with the puppy on the couch with me. cute pic, mom