Feb 22, 2008

Friday Fun

I haven't done a Friday Fun update since September, so I thought I'd give it another try.

1. This week Skip and Michael shot a quick commercial for our church. It was stinkin' hilarious to watch them do this at my house. My kids sat on the couch watching instead of doing their schoolwork. I guess years of this crazy creative church stuff may lead them to a career in broadcasting or tv production. Ha, I doubt it! If you like Elvis and you have a strange sense of humor go here, here and then watch the outtakes here. I'm not sure which one they are going to use yet, but they did have about 6 good ones without busting out in laughter.

2. I am so tired lately. I'm not sure if it's the weather or getting up early with a new puppy. Triscuit is precious, but she likes to rise before the sun comes up. The kids have already spoiled her rotten. She has worn every American girl outfit we own, and gets carried around like she's a celebrity pooch. I tell the kids, "Guys, she is a beagle. You don't dress up beagles." She had on a pink Easter Bitty Baby dress the other day and looked absolutely miserable. Poor thing. Oh, I forgot to mention that she is a yelper in the morning, and she is chewing everything in sight. Other than that, we love her!

3. I have lost 5 lbs, BUT, that happened over a week ago and I haven't lost any more this week. Skip decided to cook a homemade pizza one night, and then we went to Red Lobster for a date. Yikes! I have to get serious here ladies. The countdown is on to summer.

4. There are a couple of pregnant ladies I would love for you to pray for. One is barely pregnant and having some issues, and the other is my neice who is almost 23 weeks along. I just want them to have easy, healthy pregnancies the rest of the way.

5. I am still loving my Believing God study! I am surrounded by such sweet godly girls, and we are having a ball learning together. This week we had a few out, but it was such a wonderful time of sharing. I noticed that I have finally allowed myself to get closer to a few girls here. It is hard at first as a pastor's wife, but these ladies don't treat me any differently. That really means a lot to me.

*I have to leave you with this precious picture of Triscuit sleeping on Ashley's bed. Don't let the calm, sedated look fool you.



Kelly said...

That is one precious puppy. Oh my, I just love puppy sweetness, and there is nothing to keep girls laughing like dressing up their pooches in American Girl clothes, We have a shih tzu who faces this humiliation weekly, at least!

Hope she starts sleeping in for you... having a puppy is like having a newborn, seriously!

Tiffany said...

hey, puppy suggestion from one who has dealth with many puppies. A crate and lots of chew toys. IT helps alot. Production and filming can be a learning experiment. Happy Friday.

DeeDee said...

Love, love, love the video! It is hilarious!

Linda said...

Oh your little dog is so precious. I have a little Yorkie that I blog about a lot. It was fun visiting here.

DA Wagners said...

Those were some funny videos! Skip does a great Elvis!!!