Apr 22, 2008

A Dove Morning With a Side of Triscuit

I love mornings in Victoria, and especially in my backyard. My kids sleep late and this is what I tend to find scattered across my fence as I come out for my morning cup of coffee. I could sit and listen to the birds and read forever. I never thought of myself as much of a loner, but I really enjoy this quite time with just me, the birds and my puppy Triscuit. This morning the dove were everywhere. It is a good thing Skip doesn't come out in the mornings, or he would have his bbgun in hand. No, I am not kidding.

Here is a shot of the backyard. It is on a corner lot so it is a weird angle, but so much fun for the kids. It goes on around the tree for quite some way and then there is another section of yard for tons of places to explore. The home we are moving to in Corpus does not have one tree in the backyard, but I'm sure I will have the sound of seagulls to keep me entertained.
I couldn't resist showing you how big Triscuit is getting. Seth took these pictures and I think he has a pretty good eye for Photography.
"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful"

"I'm sorry I chewed Annie's new bathing suit to shreds. It was so pretty I couldn't resist."

"What are you looking at?"


Anonymous said...

New to the CWO blogging and your title caught my eye. LOVE the pictures of Triscuit. It reminds me of my childhood dog,(ironically enough)Biscuit.

Linda said...

I love those quiet times too Susie. That puppy is just adorable!
I am confused (nothing new there!). Are you settling in Victoria. Somehow or other I thought you were back in Corpus!