Apr 10, 2008


I NEED your help? So what do you think about the latest hairstyles popping up? I am wanting something new for my upcoming move. I love this Katie Holmes style?

I also love this Victoria Beckem bob, but I could never go this short, and besides everyone is getting this cut lately. I heard it is called the Pob. I wonder if you could do the same thing just a little longer.

Okay friends, tell me what you think. I hesitate to do anything too drastic, but I do want a change. Skip suggested that I ask friends what they think, so here are some choices. If you have another idea, please let me know. Right now you can see that my hair is pretty long and dark.

This was a good length for me, but way too much forehead. This was a time when my straightener actually worked well.

Very blonde for me, but Skip kind of likes a little bit of high lights on me. It has been awhile. Look at the faces of my kids. This was Seth's normal attitude, and sometimes still is. Annie was so blonde compared to now. So cute. Ashley is doing a the Popeye look.

This cut worked great in Colorado on vacation, but in South Texas it would be flat against my hair with all the humidity.

I like this style okay, but I think my face would look super round since I have put on a few(okay many) lbs. since then.

I couldn't resist my 50 Cent pic I took in LA a couple of years back. I like the length, but I didn't have much in the way of color. Talk about complete OPPOSITES.


Mayhem And Miracles said...

What about the one where your straightner worked, but with sideswept bangs to hide the forehead? I have that issue too! I like that one and the one with 50cent. Maybe you could flip it like that, only have it slightly shorter for ease. I think your current style does look like the Katie Holmes pic. And I'm with you on the POB. So cute, but so many people have it. I'd suffer without the ability to make a ponytail. :) I have a feeling Skip will think you're beautiful no matter what you pick! (Because you are.)

Robin said...

Well, I have a pseudo pob and i hate the way the front hangs down like little wings. so much so, I cut them off. Myself. Whatever you do, go gradual girl! I went too short too fast and now my only options are shorter or going through the growing it out process. AAGH!

Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...


I love the top pic of Katie Holmes, I also like the straight version of your hair too. I wouldn't got too short, but maybe an inch past your chin would be cute. Good luck, you know now you set yourself up to have to show the after picture! :)

Chappyswife said...

OK. I like the VB bob, but think just about only she can pull it off. Maybe you could do a bob like that that is not so drastic, a softer version, if you will.

I had my hair cut like a version of that once only a little longer in the back and more blended with the sides, so that it was able to be rounded in the back with the illusion of being longer on the sides without really being longer, because I am nowhere near as modern as VB. Does that make sense? I loved it, and may do it again next time.

Anyway, I think shorter & some stacking on you would be very fresh & cute.

As far as the color, a few darker red streaks that show up in the light would be awesome.

Just my opinion. Feel free to drop by & give me some hair advice ANYTIME!!! lol :0)

Can't wait to see what you decide...

Tiffany said...

Hey , I personally like to see some stacking that would be great for your hair. A longer verison of short bob that is angled around your face. It would work well for us south texas gals.

Twisting his arm said...

Forget the haircuts!!! You have a picture with 50 cent?!?!?! Can you blog that story PLEASE!?!?! CRAZY!!!!

Elaine said...

OK girl....you should cut your hair a little past your chin not touching shoulders in length and get sidesweep bands (kinda like gradual long bangs against your cheek). You could straighten it or flip it. I think that would look so cute on you.

-eLaiNe :)