Apr 11, 2008

Speaking of Haircuts

Both my guys went really short today with new haircuts. They were on one of there "no girls allowed" trips out of the house. It usually involves a trip to a fast food place, Best Buy and Academy.

Thanks to those of you who had some advice about my hair. I still don't have a clue what I'm going to go with, not to mention I am trying a new hairstylist. Scary, I know. I will possible post a pic of my new do next Tuesday. That is of course unless it looks REALLY hideous, in which case you will find me in hiding under the covers until it grows back.


Mississippi Songbird said...

i'm blog surfing.. What a neat blog.. Hope you have a great weekend..

Twisting his arm said...

You HAVE to post a picture of your hair especially if it looks hideous!!!

Chappyswife said...

Nice haircuts. I am partial to very short hair on my guys. Love it when they get fresh new haircuts.

My baby had his very first haircut last week, which I will probably post about. While I was gone yesterday Mark shaped it up even more, making it shorter. My little boy now looks like he is 3 or 4 instead of almost a year old! :0(