Apr 14, 2008

It's the Final Countdown

Just a quick(okay long) update: Many of you have been emailing about Skip and his new position at RLF. HE LOVES IT!!! He is so busy and enjoying every minute of it. He is mostly concentrating on the video production aspects right now. We are missing each other like crazy, but it shouldn't be but two more weeks apart-hopefully. He hasn't even sang a note on stage yet, but did do announcements after all 5 services this weekend. It is hard going from 2 Sundays a weekend to 5, but he had many years of experience before. He came home yesterday and loved on us, then crashed hard. The driving is really getting to him and his hip. He just seemed so happy, and loved Micah's preaching. Can you believe I've still never been to a service? I've watched online many times, but I haven't even met my new church family. Well, I've met some of the staff and a few wives and they are amazing!

We are in the final stages of getting our new home. I think we will probably only live there until Jan. when our old home's lease is up. Our previous home was bigger and has a fourth bedroom. The house we are currently buying will make a great rental, but it only has 3 bedrooms. I had to do a little bit of bribing to get my oldest Ashley to share a room with his little sister for 8 months. This is what I used to get her to see things my way. Okay, I also used this lamp but with a black shade and this throw. Hey, at least it was all on sale last week. Ashley is going old hollywood with this room. We are going to look for lots of black and white pics or make our own. She is going to pass down all her old beach Hawaiin decor to Annie when Annie gets her own room again. Luckily Seth could care less about his room. However we did promise him a keyboard when we move. We are giving our piano to Skip's brother because we don't have room for it, and it belongs to Skip's parents. Seth loves the piano, and we hate the banging, so with a keyboard he can play for hours in his room WITH HEADPHONES. Eventually we do want another piano, but this baby just doesn't fit the budget.

My week will be filled with more packing, a little getaway with the hubby tonight in Corpus, and more packing. I also want to go see my Popi who is getting better each day. He is still in ICU but getting stronger everyday. Thanks for your prayers.

Oh, very important news! Our former church Parkway voted in a new pastor last night. Mike Hurt is an awesome man of God, and I can't wait to see all the great things God has in store for everyone there. Congrats Mike and Kristi! We love you guys!

*One More Thing* I just received an email from some dear friends in need of prayer. Please go here and pray for Will.


Chappyswife said...

Well, you guys are on a downhill run now. It's just a matter of days before you are together full time.

Love Ashley's picks. Her room will look great.

I saw you read Carol Kent's book. How was it? I saw her at the Women's conference I attended. She is a very amazing woman. I still think about what she said.

Linda said...

You have been a very busy girl these days, and I think you are doing such a great job with everything Susie. I know you will be glad to be settled in the new house.
Have a great getaway.
I'm so glad your Popi is doing better.

happybunny said...

The pink throw is lovely. Two of my girls have pink bedrooms and would love it .