May 22, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I can't believe it's been three weeks since my last Thankful Thursday post. I have been enjoying myself so much being back in Corpus, but I don't want to forget to take time to give thanks for all the blessings that God has given me.

* I'm thankful we were able to find a rent house for the nine months until the lease is up on OUR home. It is small, but just perfect for our family.

*I'm thankful that Skip has found such joy in his new job, and is making some wonderful friendships.

*I'm thankful to God for holding my family and I up over the last year when so many times we were about to fall apart.

*I'm thankful that my ninety-two year old Popie is still fighting the fight. He has been in the hospital for so long now, but he continues to hang in there. My daddy and step-mom have truly shown me what true sacrifice looks like as they care for my Nonie so unselfishly. Their lives have been on hold for about 2 months, and all they do is continue to trust God for strength and endurance.

*I'm thankful that my sweet niece Stephanie, who is due with her first baby in less than a month, is doing so well.

*I'm thankful that God has given me will power over the last two weeks to eat better and take care of myself. Food was definitely my comfort this past year.

*I'm thankful that God has a plan for all of us, and when we walk in obedience, he is faithful to guide and direct our paths.

Quick Prayer Requests

*Skip is traveling to RLF Hartwell, Georgia campus for several days.

*One of our dear pastor friends has been diagnosed with ALS and we are asking for prayers for him, his family and his doctors. To read more, go here.

*A close friend of mine's son has scarlet fever.
*Pray for the family of Steven Curtis Chapman for their tragic loss.

If you would like to post your own Thankful Thursday, go to Sting my Heart and leave a link to your post.


Denise said...

Welcome back sweetie, thanks for sharing your grateful heart.

Penless Thoughts said...

I especially like the last one. Yes, He has nothing but good in mind for ALL of us and it is the obedience He asks for. "Obedience is often thought better than sacrifice".

Nise' said...

Great to hear that you are settling in after your move!

You asked for book recommendations. I just finished the Little Hickman Creek series by Sharlene MacLaren! Excellent!

Love Bears All Things said...

I love your list. Sounds like you like your new location. I have lifted up these in prayer.
Mama Bear

LAURIE said...

Susie, thanks for visiting my TT earlier and I just loved your list. Even in the midst of difficulty (your papaw) and in the midst of change (your move) God is still God and nothing is too big for Him. - Blessings, Laurie

Debbie said...

Thanks for reminding me to be thankful! I have been so wrapped up in all of this movie business that I sometimes need a wake up call. We are living such a blessed life right now and God is to thank for it all. He is SO amazing!

Thanks also for reminding me to pray for Dad and Carolyn. I didn't even think about what all they are sacrificing right now.

I will definitely be praying for all your prayer requests and for your family!

I love you,


Ashley said...

I love our house too, Mom!!!

- Ur Loving Daughter

Melanie said...

Susie, It sounds like the move to Corpus has been good. I'm so glad.

Happy Thankful Thursday!

Donnetta (momrn2) said...

I just noticed your own daughter commented here. How fun is that??!!

It sounds like things are beginning to settle in a bit for you. FOr that I am thankful! ;-)

Heather said...

Sounds like you've been busy, but blessed! Wonderful list - thanks so much for sharing your blessings!

Have a great weekend!