Jun 7, 2008

Catching Up

This was a very emotional week for me and for so many people I love. Not only did I lose a very close friend and mentor of mine, but her two daughters are some of my dearest friends. I was so close to going into a deep selfish state of sadness, all the while trying to be strong for those sweet friends who were struggling to grasp that the center of their world was now gone. Jeannie's sweet spirit affected so many young ladies at my former church, and to hear them share their stories of her influence touched me immensely. Though she is no longer here, her genuine love for her family, friends, and especially the Lord, will be remembered always.

Yesterday we went with some of our fun new friends to a nearby pool with water slides. Ashley is getting so tall. She is less than a month from turning 14 and is 5'7'' and still growing. I can't believe my oldest is starting high school in 2 and a half months. Where did the time go? Here are two of Ashley's new friends she has made since we moved back. These are great godly girls that we have really enjoyed getting to know.
Here is Seth with his new buddy Will. They both love PS2 and guitars. I really prayed that Seth would find some new friends quickly and God has provided.
Here are all the girls hanging out in the back of my car after we had a picnic lunch.

I have also been able to make some new friends of my own. Here is one of them. Won't you stop by and welcome Lori to this wonderful world of blogging.
Lastly, I am watching my sweet two year old twin niece and nephew Monday through Wednesday. I'm sure they will give me plenty to blog about. Ready or not, here they come!


Susanne said...

I'm wanting your beautiful weather. We're under so much rain.

Isn't it amazing how fast kids grow. My 13 year old daughter is taller than me now. And my 16 year old son is taller than his dad. Which really miffs the 18 year old girl who is about my height. She wanted to be taller. LOL.

Your kids are beautiful and I'm so glad they have so quickly fit back with finding friends in their new home.

Susanne said...

Oh and I wanted to add how sorry I was you lost your good friend. May the Lord comfort and uphold you.

Tiffany said...

It looks like you all had a great time. I'm going have to try the port-a out very soon. My kids are getting the bored look in their eyes. Emoitional week, yes. Now it is time to rejoice and celebrate the special memories we have of our Jeannie. I'm glad to see we are back up and blogging. Happy Summer!!!

Sandy said...

Hi Susie, sorry about your friend.

Looks like some Great Summer Fun with all the kiddos!

Denise said...

Aren't new friends for the kids and us wonderful? I love getting to know other moms! You're one of them! Sounds like your summer is going well. Things are crazy around here. Kayleigh is 14 and starting high school also. I can hardly believe how fast my kiddos are growing and changing!

Talk to you soon!