Jun 15, 2008

C'mon Fess Up

You probably would never guess how I spent the last two evenings with my husband. I sat enthralled watching this. What an awesome tournament. Skip and I have laughed, cheered and cried a few tears together watching such amazing competition this weekend. And, we aren't done yet. The playoff is tomorrow! I haven't always been a huge fan of golf, but I have my favorites. When my favorites are on the leader board, I am glued to the set. This has become something we enjoy watching together, and I hope one day to join Skip on the course when time or finances permit. This sport is often geared more towards men (at least in my family), but I love that we sit and experience it together. What do you do with your husband or wife that most people would be surprised to hear? I'd love to hear!


DeeDee said...

Hey, we watched it, too! Well, Byron watched and I mostly slept. He kept flipping between golf and Nascar. I couldn't keep up. One of our favorite things to do is go to Barnes & Noble and read! I know...very exciting stuff!

Jan & Tom's Place said...

My husband has become a fan of NASCAR since we married 3 years ago and I watched the races. I'd been a fan for a looooooong time. Strange, huh?

We loved the race yesterday and the exciting ending and fuel-guage race that led to Dale Earnhardt winning...his first win in 76 races and the first win with his new team!!!


MotoMom said...

My husband introduced me to fantay fiction - specifically David Eddings. Together we have been reading Robert Jordan and the Wheel of Time Series. It is a totally different genre of books than I normally read and is fun to share and discuss with him
We also like "clanging" together on the X-Box. He keeps an eye out for any good multi-player role playing games and together we save the world.

Tiffany said...

Jeff and I love to read together. Mainly at night in bed. That is our time to just be. No matter where we go for a night out on a date, we always end up at a book store with coffee in hand. That is our thing. Great post.

Anonymous said...

I watched to golf tournament too, and I'm not a golf fan. I was captured by this drama, so much that I watched the final on monday!

We like basketball and are so rooting for Boston, mostly because the Lakers have become the rivals of our Sacramento Kings.

Kathy b