Jun 16, 2008

Here He Comes...

*Update: Here is baby Deacon. He is a healthy 7 lb. 4 oz. boy with dark curly hair. She had him without any real complications. Steph's iron count was pretty low, so she was given blood today to get her levels up. We are so thankful that Deacon is here and that he is doing great. We are praying Steph can go home very soon and start enjoying that precious gift from God.

My niece Steph


Phone call.

Accidentally hang up the phone.

Phone rings again.


Calm down and listen.

My niece Steph is in labor.

Pray with her.

Shower, dress, throw kids in the car.

Head to Victoria.

We have to get there in time to greet baby Deacon!!!


Jan & Tom's Place said...

Praying, too!

Excited, too!

Can't wait for update!!


Chappyswife said...

Congratulations! He's beautiful.