Jun 10, 2008

I Don't Do Mornings!

Skip has always said that I am such a morning person. This does not in any way mean I get up early, but instead it means that I am happy, talkative and very irritating to anyone who is grumpy and quiet when they wake up. Our home contains both kinds. Skip and Ashley fall into the "Don't talk to me and I won't bite your head off category". Seth and I are annoyingly happy and extremely wordy once we're up. Annie can go either way depending on the time she went to bed.

The reason I bring up this random post today is to tell you there is a big difference between morning people and people who get up early. I am NOT a person who rises with the chickens. Mainly because when I married my husband almost 16 years ago, he lived like a rockstar (schedule that is). It's funny because he hadn't had a gig since the college years, but he stilled stayed up super late. If I was going to be the fun, spontaneous wife that I had fooled him into believing that I was when we were dating, then I knew I had better keep it up for the rest of our lives. It has turned out really great because I've been a stay at home mom for the last 11 years and we've been blessed beyond measure with children who have always slept late. I hear that is a rarity with young ones. In fact as I'm typing this post at 8:45AM, they are sound asleep. I love the peace and quiet they give me. I would absolutely love to be joining them, but for some reason I'm not today. In fact, I did wake up with the chickens-at 7:00AM!!! This is basically like 4:00 AM to a normal early bird. Would you like to meet these chickens that woke me up.

Chicken 1-Conner
Chicken 2-Shelby
Don't let their precious smiles fool you!


Tiffany said...

Your too funny. Cute chickens. The beauty is that you get to give back the chickens. My little chicken gets up way before the rooster does. I'm a total morning person. God had to desgin me that way. He knew!!! He knew!!!

Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

I tell jeff not to talk to me before 8 am. He comes home from work at 5:30 and used to enjoy talking to me while I was sound asleep. the scary part is you never knew what I was going to say since I was sound asleep.

those are cute chickens!

Kelly said...

I right there with you--I'd rather stay up late and rise late:)

Annie said...

My children were born or came with early bird syndrome, it goes into remission the day school starts and they turn into grumpy gus's. We have a firm no talking before caffeine and shower rule that works well.

MissyT said...

I'm with you Susie. My kids are night owls/late sleepers, just like me. It's nice to hear someone else is like me. Most people tell me... "My kids go to bed at 7:30pm and wake up at 7am or earlier"??? WOW!!! I always feel like something's wrong w/us?? hahah!!! We're just all different types of people aren't we. So, thanks for helping me feel normal.