Jun 13, 2008

It's Only Stuff

You know the scripture found in Matthew 6 that says, "Do not store up pretty glass items from Marshalls that kids will easily knock down while skating through the living room with a plate of food in there hands...?" Okay, maybe the scripture is a tad bit different, but I am trying to remember today that my stuff is only stuff. It's hard to remember this when it is the 2nd time in two weeks that my piece of crud entertainment center shelf has broken and sent the items crashing to the laminate wood floor. It's not like the pieces of stuff are worth anything, but it makes me so mad because these things are ones it took me a while to pick out and I REALLY enjoyed them. It's not like I have extra cash to replace them. I thought having older kids would make having a few nicer things out okay. Nope, the activities actually get rougher the older they get. Even Skip has been known to throw a ball or two in the house and break something precious to me.

Now after settling down, cleaning up the broken glass, and stopping to pray (there were a few harsh words for my little daredevil Annie who had just been told to take off the skates in the house), I am now realizing that the scripture hidden in Matthew 6 was written for years ago, yet it's meaning was written for me and for generations to come. My babies are my treasures, and I need to spend my time and energy on building them up and storing God's word in their hearts. In doing this, their treasures will not be destroyed by moth, rust or even roller skates.

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