Jul 12, 2008

Not Another Skip Post

I am actually veering away from the hub's updates for today. If you're disappointed, never fear. There is so much I haven't shared from the lovely catheter story, to the hilarious comment the nurse made to Skip in regards to his svelte physique (ha ha).

Today it is all about nieces and nephews. Let me share with you these special treasures in my life. First we have my niece Steph, who recently had a precious little boy, Deacon. He is the sweetest baby, and she is the best mommy ever to him. My kids could not get enough of his sweet baby smell. He obviously never went potty during our visit. I'm so proud of you Steph!

Here he is again fast asleep. That is how Deacon likes to spend a lot of his time. Do you blame him?

Next is my superstar nephew Matt. He finished wrapping on the HSM3 set a couple of weeks ago, and is now busy auditioning, and doing other promo stuff for the motion picture coming out in October. Keep it real Matt! You are awesome!

My sis got this shot of Matt at the wrap party for HSM3. My girls were more excited to see Ashley Tisdale's dog Maui, than the picture of Ashley herself. She is a total cutie pie!

Last, are my sweet nieces Taylor and Samantha with my girls. They had a blast playing together on the 4th of July and during their stay at my in-laws during Skip's surgery. Living only an hour and a half away from all our relatives is so nice.

My brother-in-law Mark took this picture of the girls with his new high tech camera. Great shot Mark!

I can remember as a young girl spending so much time with my cousins and I feel so blessed that my kids are doing the same with their cousins. Family is so important, and I hope to keep these ties strong as the years continue to speed by way too fast.

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Penless Thoughts said...

Family......love it. I especially like the last picture!!!