Jul 9, 2008

Gifts Rock!

Christmas came early this year when my friend Liana sent gifts our way from China. Oh, I do love me some gifts! So unexpected and so cool! Look at the Beijing Olympic shirt she sent Seth. He LOVES it! Skip and I feel like we are their adopted family from the USA. Hee Hee.
The purse was a gift to Ashley, but I may have to borrow it.

Look at the beautiful detail on this box and photo album. Just gorgeous! Matches my house perfectly.

Next we have a darling stamp for Annie with a carved Chinese dragon made out of marble or something. Look how it has her name in Chinese. Zoom in on the other picture to see the dragon or whatever animal it is.

My kids also received some great gifts from their cousin Matt who just finished wrapping up HSM3 in Utah. He had a blast and wanted to pass on some souvenirs for them. Here is Seth's hat that he autographed for him. The E stands for EAST HIGH.

Here's the inside and the autograph.

The girls each received a signed shirt from their cousin. So cool!

My favorite gift of all I received this week (insert my tears now) is that my sweet hubby came through his surgery beautifully. And guess what else? We're home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much Lord for your goodness, your faithfulness, and for the gifts you lavishly give to your children. Sometimes life just stinks, and we can't understand why we are going through all we are going through. Then, we we least expect it, YOU just blow us away with blessings, love, friends and grace overflowing. Thank you Jesus that no matter the good or the bad, you are GOOD all the time.


Donnetta (momrn2) said...

YEAH! You're all home! That is Fantastic news!!! :-)

elisa said...

Hey Susie, it's been a really long time, but I just spent about 4 days with Tiffany and had to say Hi and that you all are in our prays, for a speeding healing. Also, I had to let you know that knowing you 10 years ago, even in the smallest way, you helped model a healthy Christian wife and mother and I thank you for that. I was such a baby believer and you were a great example!

Mike said...

Love the shirt.


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Julie Gillies said...

Wow Susie,

The Lord has poured out exceedingly and abundantly on your family.

I'm SO GLAD that your Skip is HOME! YAY!

And I won't even mention how cool that HSM3 stuff is. In fact, if I tell Emily she'll probably try to talk Ashley into "sharing"!


Isn't God's timing on these gifts awesome? What a blessing!

Linda said...

There's nothing like getting a special package in the mail. The gifts are all just terrific.
Glad Skip is home and pray he heals "real quick".

Penless Thoughts said...

What neat gifts!!!!