Aug 5, 2008

40 is THE YEAR

I'm not sure why it's this year and not 37, 38, or even 39, but the time finally arrived. I glanced down at the book I was reading a few months ago, and suddenly the words were blurry. I thought maybe there was something in my eye. I pushed the book back a little further and I could see. What? I have always had 20/20 vision, and I took pride in the fact that my eyes were perfect. Now, what?

It was a sad day as I walked into Dollar Tree and bought my first pair of reading glasses. Nothing special, no loud speaker announcing my old age parade. I slowly walked up to the counter and gently laid down my aid on the counter. The teen at the register didn't even question who they were for? What? Did he actually think they were for me? How dare he!

This experience was really EYE-opening. What else is this lovely phenomenon called old age going to bring? My kids already tell me, "Mom, pay attention. You're not listening." Actually, I think I just can't hear as well anymore. Scary, yet at the same time I may find something I actually do like in this whole natural aging process.
*With age comes wisdom. At least that is what my older friends tell me.
*Realization of what's important in life is also a benefit. You don't sweat the small stuff as much, and you invest in things that matter like faith, family and friends.
*You don't care what others think. When I say this, I think of Skip's 90 something yr. old grandmother "Nonnie" who will tell it like it is. One time she told Skip "You're putting on some weight, aren't you?" I died laughing inside. He was, and she called him on it.
*You are getting closer to Heaven. I want to know God more and do more for Him in my actions and my love for others knowing my time on Earth is passing faster the older we get.
*You have an excuse for the little lines appearing around your eyes. It's natural, I'm forty now. In your 30's it's called premature aging.
I know reading glasses are just the start for me, but I'm praying that in time the passing years will be a blessing. I hope to see my kids mature into adulthood, see the choices our kids make in life, see the families they will create, and see the plan God has for them as well as for me and my husband in the coming years. Will it be the best years of my life? I think so, as long as I'm LOOKING with my eyes fixed on Christ and His Vision for what's lies ahead.

For your enjoyment, I thought I'd add music to this post. Skip did this song at church a couple of weeks ago. So fitting, don't you think?


Annie said...

Scary, my post yesterday was about glasses. I'm the other kind of blind though, been that way since I was 6. Saving for the Intralase. 40 is the new 20 so we're good.

Tiffany said...

Oh! My! GOSH!! Girl, I have had glasses for years! Now I'm loseing my hearing and can not get up off the floor without help.
We are home in Flordia. The house we are renting is awesome! I'm just exctied that I'm settled
" somewhat" with internet. Yea!!!
Thank you for the sweet words and great pictures. I miss you to. Already. Time to look for a webcam!

Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

I can really relate to this post, since I'm 45. You are a very cute 40, for sure! I don't have the glasses yet, but I am starting the hot flashes.

Robin Storch said...

two things i'm looking forward to:
having my hair set once a week.
walking at 6am at a pace that is slow but still considered exercise.
ok, 3 things,
not caring quite as much about what it eat.

i need to post about this. i'm not as okay about getting older as i thought i would be.

ps...i gave up on the challenge day 5!

Sohl Gal said...

I love your positive outlook on what He's shown you, and your ability to talk about your true feelings. You've got His vision for your future!

Penless Thoughts said...

I am smiling :o)

DA Wagners said...

I love your confident tone about aging!!! You make it sound awesome, which is good 'cause I'm right behind you!

Barb said...

This made me smile, Susie. I was your age when I realized my eyes weren't what they used to be. When my arms were no longer long enough, I had to break down and get reading glasses.

Truly, the things we lose as we get older are not nearly as many as the things we gain. I could add to your list forever.

Still, forty is YOUNG, to some of us reading this. LOL