Aug 12, 2008

My Year Long Vacation is Finally Over

What am I doing? Going crazy!!! If I've become anything over the last year of home schooling, moving twice, and transitioning, it is LAZY. I don't mean I don't clean, cook, love the husband, go to church, socialize with friends, and play with the kids. What I'm trying to say is that I have basically had NO SCHEDULE WHATSOEVER! It's been fun, but it is so not me. I need a wakeup time, a bedtime, and a list of things to do and accomplish. With home schooling, I was the complete opposite.

Within the last week, I enjoyed a few days out of town with family, hit a water park, rode a giant Ferris wheel, and then came home in utter PANIC MODE. Breathe Susie, Breathe. I have to find 3 birth certificates for my kids, 3 shot records, finish a substitute teaching application(I think I'm going back to work part-time-Arghhhhhh!), and shop for my kids, who not a single one has a pair of tennis shoes, let alone anything besides shorts and t-shirts that fit. Home schooling was a barefoot, casual dress atmosphere type of environment. Oh, and did I mention I have a huge pile of school forms to fill out in one day, and no earthly idea which box the necessary forms (birth certificates, etc.) are in to turn in by Wednesday. Okay, Breathe AGAIN.

I'm really fine, but during all this chaos, my sweet 14 year old talked me into reading book 1 of the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer. I thought, "Why not?" I rarely read fiction and it will give me something to do while we traveled in the car last week. Besides, this is a "teen" type book and I probably won't even like it. BIG MISTAKE! Susie does not do well with fiction. I don't do well because (like my daughter) I become totally obsessed. Especially when it has to do with a love story and lovable characters. I have read three books of this stinkin' series in less than a week. Not good when you have tons of important things to accomplish. Oh well, at least I'm connecting with my daughter's interests, and at least there is only one more book in the series and I'll be done.

This is my silly life as of now, and hopefully I will get to writing something meaningful soon. Can you imagine the stories if I start subbing? Also, I need a new bible study to start. Have any good ideas? I've done just about everything Beth Moore, but I'm willing to continue if anyone has done her new "Stepping Up" and wants to share info. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the last days of summer. As for me, the vacation is officially over.


wimberley said...

Susie~ My vacation is over too. Thursday I start teaching & Baby Cash will hang with my sis... Sad but excited that God will use this to make me more disciplined with my family. I'm intrigued about the Twilight Series.

Pam said...

Definitely do "Steppin' Up", if you get the chance. I did it this last spring, and I loved it . . . wished it had lasted longer though, because I think it's only six or seven weeks long.

I need to get a hold of that Twilight series for my Libbyline. Sounds great! I am the same way with fiction too, though. Just count me out of anything productive while I'm reading.

Praying for all the details surrounding school for you, dear Susie.

Barb said...

I do better with a schedule too, Susie, but schedules are hard in the summertime. Things will get back on track when school starts again.

And if writing meaningful stuff ever becomes a requirement for blogging, I'm just going to have to hang it up. I can't remember the last time I wrote anything meaningful. LOL

Tiffany said...

I love " stepping up" I"ve downloaded her study and have listend to several sessions. I love it. You will benefit from it whole heartly!!! Wish I was able to do it with you. Maybe we can do it together via phone or email.
Vacation over? Same for me. Time to get busy. I perfer it that way.
Idle gals, are no good.
miss you tons.

Linda said...

Whew! I feel as though I need to catch my breath after all of that Susie. You have lots to do, but I'm sure you'll get it all organized.
I saw those books in the book store the other day - piles of them! I can see why now. There's nothing I like better than a great book you can't stand to put down.
Our Lady's Bible Study group is doing a study on the Psalms by Dee Brestin. I've never done any of hers, but like you we've done all the Beth Moore except the newest one.

Darlene said...

My vacation is over also. We move my one and only baby to college on Friday! I can't believe it!!! Just yesterday she was starting preschool! Blink and now it is college! Thankfully, she will only be one hour away.

We are starting the study "When Women say yes to God. by Lysa Ter.... I can't remember how to spell her las name! sorry! If you are interested I will get the info for you. We are having a big banquet on Thursday to kick off this study. The men are going to serve us and we are dressing in Sunday best to formal. All the tables will be decorated and using cloth napkins. We have our drama team doing a human video for us and door prizes and of course praise music. The ladies will also receive their book for the study at the banquet. I can't wait! The banquet will be so much fun!!

DA Wagners said...

Too cute! Thanks for the glimpse into Susie's world!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I totally hear you on this one. I have three sons. Two of them are pretty independent. I home school my 12 year old. We have had a lazy summer. We have been enjoying life! My family and I are adopting three sisters from Ukraine hopefully this Fall. I have got to get my act together. They will need routine. That is something I struggle with but I know I will get there.
I am leading a Bible study this Fall at my church called I Saw the Lord but Ann Graham Lotz. It looks very good. I have the Twilight book but haven't read it yet. I think I will bust it out before school starts. Maybe I should wait for Christmas vacation!!!!

Chappyswife said...

Yes, vacation is officially over here, too, and boy, can I ever relate to getting all the important documents ready and filling out a TON of paperwork. Yuck. I have been crazy busy getting all in order.

Now, on to the house. needs to be completely cleaned out. Pray for me! :0)