Aug 29, 2008

Friday Fun

Back To School

I couldn't have wished for a better week. Love the schools, love the teachers and my kids are happy, which equals to Mama is happy! Ashley has made so many new friends at her new high school. God answered my prayers! There are only 6 girls in her freshman class and about 9 boys, I think. Everyone gets along great and they have welcomed her with open arms. She has already been invited to 3 parties and one is a sweet sixteen. She has upper classmen in her elective classes and they are simply outstanding girls and boys. I'm so excited for her! Even though we are making so many sacrifices to have her at this awesome school, it is worth it to see her smile and joy each day. Seth has made the transition to junior high great too! He loves the extra freedom they have and the different teachers. His class is small too, but he is kind of shy so that helps. Annie is Annie. She gets along with everyone and goes with the flow. She looks so stinkin' cute everyday in her little skirts and polos, I can't stop wondering what kind of trouble she is going to get into as a teen. I'm already covering that in prayer too! We are going to need it!

Back To Fellowship

This week I was able to have three much needed lunch dates with friends. I've also decided on a bible study to do starting late September. I wanted to possibly do something Beth Moore or Priscilla Shirer. I decided to go with both and Kay Arthur too! I'm doing Annointed, Transformed and Redeemed which is sure to be AWESOME!

Back to Alone Time

Even though most of my time alone is spent getting my home back in order from the summer months, it is such a nice feeling. I can catch up on some blogs I've missed, listen to " my kind" of music, and finally get to some quiet time to read and write. I haven't started working yet, but am ready for the opportunity to sub. My kids really like coming home to an orderly house and something planned for dinner. My family needed a schedule in such a big way! Home schooling for us was too much like a vacation that never ended. Now that the kids are in bed by 9:30p.m. each night, I feel like I should fess up to the fact that just one week ago, my kids were going to bed around 12:30 am and then sleeping until 11:00am the next morning. It was bad people. That just became the norm for us. When they now get up at 7:00 am, it doesn't take long for them to fall asleep at night. Thank you Jesus!

Back to Doctors

Actually this is not fun, but something I must share. Skip had a bad sinus infection this week and felt horrible. He went to see his doctor to get some relief and what he found was that his blood pressure continues to be a huge problem. It was so high yesterday-165 over 111. They changed his medicine and told him to take breaks and quit working so hard. I've done all I can to convince him of that, but I think fear is working better. Please continue to pray for my man.

*We are looking forward to a fun weekend! My niece and nephew are turning 3 and having a swim party in Victoria. I plan on staying at my sister's bay house for a couple of days if we don't run into too much weather with the tropical activity coming near. Hopefully my sweet husband will get to enjoy some fishing with my brother-in-law on Monday as well.

Hope your weekend is filled with lots of family fun time too!

***Skip's blood pressure today has been normal! I am so thankful (:

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Penless Thoughts said...

Sounds like things are falling nicely into place. I am one who has to have order and schedule and cannot do upheavel!!!