Sep 16, 2008

Fall Is In The Air

I woke up this morning and walked out to a temperature of 69 degrees. Oh my, fall is here in Corpus! We all know that it will probably end by tomorrow, but I am enjoying it while it lasts.

I lit my new pumpkin pie scented candle,

munched on a few of these,

decorated my living room with my fall treasures,

and finished off the evening with a ride in a golf cart with my hubby as he played a quick 9.

Yes, fall is good!

* To top off the night, Skip and I did another post at He Speaks-She Speaks. Watch the video!


Tiffany said...

UGGGG!!!! I'm so jealous!! Though I was able to watch the moon rise above the water. It was breathtaking. I can't wait to wear long sleeve shirts and have coffee outside.

Susanne said...

Last week we had frost warnings and this week the temp is in the '80's. Welcome to Indian Summer in Southern Alberta!

Twisting His Arm said...

I am just TOO happy fall is coming! I am getting so tired of 98 degree weather! I don't do any season decorations but I did buy a cinnamon broom and my entire house smells like yummy cinnamon!

Penless Thoughts said...

We're having fall weather here, too. It's been so lovely for our early morning walks. I love Indian Summer and trust we will have a nice l-o-n-g one this year.

DA Wagners said...

That is so funny because I went to the mall with the boys the other day and Isaac asked for Candy Corn. I thought it a good idea, so we sat on the bench, watched people and ate Candy Corn! Oh! It was so good!!!