Sep 28, 2008

Mondays With Matt-It's Only 4 Weeks Away People

I went home to Victoria this weekend for my sweet Popie's funeral which was much easier than I thought it would be. Seeing all my family was great, but knowing that my Popie is in Heaven and in no more pain is the BEST.

After the visitation Friday night, I was hanging out at Skip's parents while my kids and two of my nieces were dancing and making up plays to perform for us. We had the tv on the Disney Channel, of course, and all of a sudden someone started screaming, "Matt's on! Matt's on the tv!" We all ran to the screen and saw this. Wow, it was awesome to see him talk on tv, and to see him in some of the scenes. It seemed very normal, yet we were all excited and screaming (including my mother-in-law).

I immediately had to text him and tell him he was on tv, like he doesn't know or something. Actually he didn't know it was on yet, and I had to share with him that my son Seth(his mini me) was sporting some new skinny jeans and a hoodie. They may only be from Target, but every one's fashion style has to start somewhere, right?

Here's our brief texting convo:

Me: "Hey Matt! Just saw u all over the place on the Disney Channel! It looked awesome and so natural."
Matt: "Ha ha no way? That's awesome" (As you can see our family takes a liking to the word awesome)
Me: "Seth wore skinny jeans and a hoodie to the visitation tonight. Just like u."
Matt: "He's growing up to be soo cool. lol"
Seth told me later that he isn't trying to dress like Matt. He has his own sense of style. I don't think I completely believe him because as Seth walked away, I could see his boxers hanging out at the top. That is definitely a Matt thing.

Seth and Matt (Christmas before last)

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Chappyswife said...

That's funny. I bet you guys are beyond excited, and it will just get bigger and bigger! lol Before you know it, your kids will be signing autographs! lol