Oct 1, 2008

TV, Computer, and Phone

These are three of my biggest distractions. The computer is probably the worst distraction of all. I can pretty much keep up with cooking, housework and my family and still indulge in the fun three forms of entertainment above. However, if I want to work(write), exercise, study God's Word, and invest in the lives of others, I have to let something fun go. TV will probably be the easiest since I'm only interested in a few shows-CMT-Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, House and American Idol. I'm trying to limit my time on the phone with friends too-see Tiff I only called you 3 times today. Hee Hee. Yep, the computer is definitely my biggie. I have had to go without it a lot more lately because Skip and I are sharing a laptop. His work is kind of more important than me catching up on Facebook and blogging. It does sort of pay the bills(:

So tell me, what are your biggest distractions at the moment?


wimberley said...

susie... i'm my biggest distraction.

me watching tv
me on the computer
me reading blogs, lurking on facebook
me talking on the phone
me not doing my "chores" aka
me not cleaning the house

me me me...
but my favorite distraction is my sweet Baby Cash!!
He can distract mommy anyday anytime anywhere!!!

Tiffany said...

Is shopping a distraction?
Talking on the phone.
Lurking on facebook and reading blogs.
Susie, I have no problem having you call me 3 times a day. I like that distration. See you in a few hours. Yea!!!!! Now that is a distraction I welcome!

The Schadooley Hometeam said...
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The Schadooley Hometeam said...

Hi. I have been reading your blog thru a link from Alisa's. Loves it! Bad reality TV was a huge escape for me- and such an unhealthy one. I am happy to say that I am now watching much much less of it! I secretly love the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader show. God Bless you and yours! -CAT

Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

I try to limit my tv watching to only watching the shows that i love. I only watch two-three shows so I don't feel too bad when I sit to watch them

Facebook is my biggie. I need to turn off the computer at night to stay away. I hate that I have to set time limits in order to turn it off, but it makes a huge difference. why I didn't learn self discipline as a teen is beyond me.

Debbie said...

Unfortunately, I am addicted to TV! I am taping and watching all my favorite shows that just started back up. Luckily my husband watches a lot of the same ones and we can watch them together.

The computer and my blackberry are the next biggest. I've cut back on my sweepstakes entering and my facebooking and that has really helped.

My biggest addiction by far is Deacon! I would pretty much give up anything to hold my precious grandson! That's one I will never give up!

Balance is the key, but I think I am leaning to the right a little! LOL

Chappyswife said...

I'd have to say that number one would be the computer. I love looking blogging, checking out Etsy sites, checking email, etc.

Another would be reading, possibly talking/texting too much as well.

Daydreaming about jewelry making and crafting. Notice I said daydreaming because I am not so far gone that I actually get the supplies out. I'd feel way too guilty if I got started.

But my goal is to get caught up slowly but surely so that I can make jewelry and scrapbook without the guilt. It is a daily struggle because it seems like every single day unexpected things pop up and totally rearrange my day. Too many doctors' appointments, etc. Ugh.

Robin Storch said...

My biggest distraction at this moment is twitter. Ahem.