Sep 3, 2008

This Is Why I Should NOT Do Facebook

I am going to try to make this story short, but "short" is just not one of gifts. First of all, Skip and I decided a couple of months ago to venture out into the world of Facebook. I guess it is an(over 40) acceptable form of MySpace. Whatever, it is a fun way too catch up with old friends, new friends, and friends you would love to meet someday.

I've only stepped into the baby pool of Facebook, not wanting to go over my head in the deep end with things like "pieces of flair", "pets", and "compatibility quizzes". I am just not that tech savvy, nor do I have the time. Well, things have been progressing nicely. I check it every day or so, and add friends here and there. Last night as Skip and I were sitting at the kitchen table with our laptops side by side (how romantic I know), I decided to comment on a picture of Skip. It was a picture of him and his friend in high school acting very goofy. I commented, "And you wonder why I never dated you in high school." What I neglected to realize was that I was not commenting on Skip's site, but instead on his friend's site (the one who posted the picture). So basically it looked as if I was telling Skip's friend that instead of Skip.

Here is the conversation that followed.
Me: Oh my gooodness! I'm so embarrassed.
Skip: What did you just do?
Me: Um... I think I told your friend Greg(who is married) that he should wonder why I never dated him in high school.
Skip: Honey! That is his site.
Me: I know. I know. What do I do?
Skip: Delete the comment.
Me: How? I don't think you can. I think it is there for eternity.
Skip: Honey!
Me: I know! I know!
Skip: His wife is going to think you are trying to flirt.
Me: What! Oh my goodness! Honey, you have to comment for me and tell him I'm sorry.
Skip: No!
Me: Please!
Skip: No!
Me: I'll do anything!
Skip: Okay.

Skip decided it was in His best interest to comment back to Greg and tell him that I thought the picture was on Skip's site and not Greg's. All is well in the world. However, I am going to be much more cautious using Facebook. The internet is not to be taken lightly. Words can be misinterpreted and all there for all to see. I think this girl needs to stick with blogging. How about you? Have you every had a bad experience with blogging, facebook, myspace, etc?


Debbie said...

You are TOO funny! I'm so glad that Skip got a laugh out of it too!

I have facebook and myspace. I guess the good thing about myspace is you can delete your comments. Thank goodness! It's amazing how reading a comment several times or someone else reading it, changes the meaning. The written word has a lot of power.

Love ya

Annie said...

Ask me sometime about the inappropriate text that my husband sent to a certain mens ministry leader. The only time I could seriously say ROFLOL.

Susanne said...

LOL. Oh that so sounds like something I would totally do. That is why I avoid facebook totally! LOL.

DA Wagners said...

I've heard lots of good things about Facebook, but I'm too nervous about it taking a lot of my time. Let me know if it is worth it.

So sorry about your comment escapade. I'm sure the guy and his wife got a nice laugh out of it! I know I did! Thanks for posting the dialouge!

Chappyswife said...

YES! I signed up for Myspace so that I could monitor my son's. Then we discovered a large group from church was on there, and we made my husband a page. He has me upload pics for him every now and then.

Well, I forgot once or twice that I was signed in as him and commented on my friends' sites. They were out of line or anything. It just looked really strange that those comments would come from my husband. I had a lot of 'splainin' to do! lol

Now I am much more careful. ha ha

Penless Thoughts said...

I can't even accomplish all the "thingies" on blog I sure don't need to try and learn something else.

Bard said...

You did not create as big a fopaux as you think. You commented on a picture that Greg posted on Facebook that anyone who is friends with Greg can see, and since Skip is tagged in the photo anyone who is friends with Skip can see the picture too. I saw the picture and your comment, since it alerted me on Facebook that you and Skip “had commented on Greg’s photo.” To me it was very clear that your comment was directed toward Skip, since he was the focal point of the picture, and his comment was directed back at you. This happnes all the time in Facebook photo albums. So everthing was fine, what is very sitcom-esq about this is that you have talked Skip in to e-mailing Greg to tell him it was all a mistake and you were not flirting with him when he was not thinking anything of the kind… that is until skip e-mails him to tell him you were not flirting, then Greg might be wondering why Skip would do such a thing unless you actually were flirting…and…and …ok Susie, look at Facebook but don’t touch anything. This whole thing sound like a plot of CBS's "Big Bang Theory" or "How I Met Your Mother". LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I was sending a birthday card to my cousin Sarah...told her how much I loved her etc. I obviously didn't know what I was went out to Bill Greer! He never said anything and I was so mortified I didn't do anything.


Julie Gillies said...

Now THAT is embarassing. I think my cheeks turned pink just reading this! LOL Thank goodness Skip came to your rescue.

I didn't know you were on Face Book - so am I, so I'm going to look you up!

Padre Reeds said...

I'm around the computer too much as it is. No facebook or myspace unless they give me a new sprinkler system for my "yard".

Funny story. Don't make the MORE embarrassing mistake of misconfiding Skip's conditions laid out to clear your err. Gotta love puns. Attaboy Skip!

Me: I'll do anything!
Skip: Okay.