Oct 23, 2008

Matt At the HSM 3 Premiere in Toronto

Very sharp look Matt, and love the shorter hair.

How cute are you both? Very, I must say!
Purple and Leopard? It works for her, but I could never!

"I'd like to give a shout out to my Aunt that rocks!" What? You don't believe me?

Some of the cast poses with director extraordinaire Kenny Ortega.

I am dying to go to the 12:01 AM showing tonight even though we have tickets for tomorrow. Anyone willing to tag along with me? It's such a crazy high school type thing to do, but how fun!


Anonymous said...

I would go with you tonight, BUT I'm in Victoria....and I have Deacon. LOL. He is tagging along with me tomorrow when I go see it with my mom and dad and everyone, but I'm hoping he'll be a good baby and maybe he'll sleep through it.

Chappyswife said...

What I wouldn't give to sneak out and go with you! lol We'd have so much fun!

I have a feeling you're not going to be able to wait, so be sure and give me all the details. :0)

Me? I'll probably go to bed early after making a bracelet and watching Grey's Anatomy (while flipping channels during the immoral parts - which happen too often!)

Mindy said...

My hubby just asked my daughter if she wanted to go at midnight too, but she is going on opening night with her friend, so dad didn't win. :)

I came to your blog through Robin Storch's post. I love your blog! And the he speaks-she speaks.... awesome!

Karissa O'Neill said...

I'm SO THERE!!! I'll get the pop corn...you get the gummy bears and milkduds =)

Annie said...

If you're seriously serious, I think I might take you up on it. Email me the det's

Susie said...

Hey Annie,

Don't have your email, but I have talked myself into not going. It would have been fun with you! Can't really afford to go twice and I'm exhausted, and having a garage sale early Sat. morning. We are going as a fam with some of Annie's and Ash's friends tomorrow at 5pm. Maybe Matt will treat all of us next HSM.