Oct 23, 2008

Prayers for Friends (Real and Internet)

Tomorrow is a day of celebration for our family as Matt role in HSM3 hits the bigscreen. I could not be happier for him, and to see where this role may lead his career. Don't forget the deadline to enter the GIVEAWAY IS TOMORROW AT 12pm CST. At the same time, my heart is not fully in joy mode as I see so many suffer nearby with sick children.

My friend Debbie's adult daughter Amber has been diagnosed with advanced luekemia and is just beginning chemo via the last update I received. Praise God at this point she is not needing a bone marrow transplant. Keep Amber and her husband in your prayers, as well as her very special mother.

Another very sick child is Ashley Adams. I have been following her story here for over a year, and it is probably one of the most incredible stories of perseverence and strength through trials that I have ever seen. Please keep this little girl who is suffering in your prayers.

My RL friend Lori is also going through a pretty amazing trial. She is desperately wanting God to bring her adoptive son home to her soon. You can read about her journey here. I know the story up close and I can't wait to see her prayers answered soon.

Lastly, this blogger friend of mine absolutely has the best attitude of anyone I have ever seen. She also has a beautiful, spuky and precious sick baby boy. I look at what this family has gone through and I am amazed that they have the most fun and adventurous life despite their not so normal situation. Fletcher, Denise's son, has become one of my biggest inspirations. He almost always has a smile and to watch him grow and develop over the last two years has been a true privelege.

The thing that most hits my heart is not just these awesome mothers and the sacrifices that they make each and everyday, but also the challenges that face their husbands and children. What life has brought does not change the fact that they love and serve God to their fullest, and always praise him name through each new storm.

Please join me in keeping these families in your prayers.


Penless Thoughts said...

I know what you mean about these type families. I have very close ties with 2 just like you speak of. They are living stones and testimonies to their God and Lord Jesus Christ.

the voice of melody said...

Susie, I will keep your friends in prayer. Some of these stories are so heartbreaking, and I hope and pray for a positive outcome for all of them.

Thank you for sharing with us.

Many sweet blessings!

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Thanks, friend. And I view you much the same way. Rarely does a family remember to raise up Christ like you do in the GOOD times. Love ya! I'll be thinking of your friends as well.

Debbie said...

I will definitely pray for all these children and their families.

Chappyswife said...

Yes, as you know we've had our fair share of trials for a couple of years now, but nothing compares to serious health issues, especially those of a child. My heart goes out to these who are struggling everyday. It sure helps to put things into proper perspective.

Linda said...

This is such a touching post Susie. We were just discussing in our small Bible Study group yesterday how watching someone handle difficulties with grace and faith is so encouraging to those around them.
Surely we pray for all of these great needs and ask God to work in miraculous ways.

Babyxx said...

They are all in my prayers xxx This was such a touching post.

It puts everything in perspective...here I was worrying about something trivial like who I am going to do prac work with on the holidays...

God works in mysterious ways and gives us everything he knows we can handle. That is my view which I learnt from my Aunt. She had twins (her 3rd and 4th children) and one has cerebral palsy. It is incredibly hard to manage but we have all grown as a family and could not imagine life without having her...

Susie said...

Thanks to all of you for praying for my friends. My friend's daughter who has leukemia has started chemo and is going through some tough times, but improving with the Lord's help.

Babyxx- So glad you have a positive influence of a godly aunt who shows you true sacrifice in taking care of her children.
So nice to meet fellow fans of Matt. Take care!