Oct 22, 2008

My Kids in the Headlines (Well...kind of)

Matt made it into the Houston Chronicle and so did the mention of my kiddos. Here Matt was talking about landing the role and how his little cousins (my kids) freaked out. The only sad part is that my kids really didn't get to talk to Zac ...yet. I think the interviewer might have misunderstood, but the kids have been able to talk to Mitchell Musso, Miley Cyrus and Aly and AJ. All of them were super sweet on the phone and made my kid's year. However, a phone call from Zac someday would be DA BOMB!

*Don't forget that the HSM 3 Giveaway is still going on until Friday at noon CST. Oops gotta run, Zac Efron is on Good Morning America and I heard there is a clip with Matt on it.


Chappyswife said...

It's been fun hearing all the latest scoop, and seeing how your family is getting to enjoy Matt's success right along with him. I don't know how you're keeping up with all of it, though, with HSM3 all over the place!

Ray- Yancey said...

Hi My name is Raymond Yancey, I'm from Victoria Texas, and this is an awesome story! I too am a asipring actor I would like to do movies and stuff like Matt but I'm not blessed with the income to go to auditions out of state, but my day is coming sooner or later. I'm really excited because I got a main part in a musical called "saint nick" at Faith Family church opening night is 12-13-08 if you're interested in it.
~Raymond Yancey