Oct 21, 2008

Moving Again!

Did my title catch you by surprise? If you've read this blog for any length of time, probably not. Actually, my church campus is moving to a new location in just weeks. It is only 6 miles from our current location, but the same distance from my house.

This week I've had the privilege of helping pack boxes and load up trucks. It is so true that you get to know new people by serving together. There is such a great group of girls and guys that are giving so much time and effort to reaching a new community that it warms my heart. I live in a large city with so many great churches transforming lives at every corner. It is awesome that Corpus Christi even means the Body of Christ.

This move makes me wonder just how long you have been at your church? How would you feel if you had to move 6 miles down the road?


Tiffany said...

2 months at our new chruch. It is awsome. New hometeam and new friends. It sort of reminds of me of RLF.Love it. The pastor is funny and his sence of humor actually reminds Jeff and I of Skip. Is that scary?
I'm so exctied about ya'lls move! Wish I was there to help. It is so excting to see chruches build and move to new hights. Love it.!!!

OMG, Rocket man is all over the place.

Penless Thoughts said...

How e4xciting and yes, fun, too. Are you getting more space? Thanks for sharing what Corpus Cristi means. I did not know that!!

Chappyswife said...

I did not know that about Corpus Christi! That's awesome.

We've been at our church just over a year. We were very happy at our old church where we had attended for many years, when completely out of the blue, and undeniably, God told us to move.

If He told us to move the church, I would do it.

Susanne said...

We've been at our church about 6 years I think. I've often thought as we grow would a move ever be in the picture. If God led us to move the location I wouldn't hesitate, although I really love that this location is just minutes from our house.