Oct 13, 2008

Mondays With Matt

Hey Wildcat Fans! The premiere of HSM3 is happening this Thursday, October 16th and though I won't be there to get the scoop, Matt's mom(my sis) will! Matt has been super busy with press interviews and hopefully we will all be able to see a few of them in the upcoming weeks.

It's funny how my kids are getting use to seeing Matt on tv clips and in magazines. A year ago they would have been screaming and jumping up and down to see him in a magazine, and now they just say, "Cool." Well, I still jump up and down and scream a little. It is fun and exciting for him to follow his dreams and then actually see the results from all the hard work.

Here is the HSM3 Edition of People Magazine. Matt is inside a few times with a short interview. PopStar and other teen mags are fun, but to me People is the big leagues.

Here is Matt doing a pose. Look, messy hair works. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on my son in the mornings to comb his.

Now we have some of the new faces and the supporting cast of HSM3. Matt is 2nd from the left. His mouth is always open making a face. That is just Matt-Mr. comedian.
Lastly, the supporting cast again inside an old time car. Matt has on the blue t-shirt, again making a face.

The rest of the magazine highlights the stars and it's fun to read about their thoughts on this musical which has had such a huge impact around the world. I think it is great to see kids dancing and singing. I wish we would have had something besides Grease when I was young.
Updates will follow throughout this week. Hopefully some fun pictures too!


Darlene said...

I know you are so proud of him! I think it is soo cool! I can't wait for HSM3 to come out. I plan to go see it with my neices! We still sing song from the last one. We just love it!
thanks for sharing!

Annie said...

If you need to borrow a tent so you can camp out, let me know:) Not having any tween connection, is this like Star Wars big? I can just see you showing off your nephew to strangers in line and Barnes & Noble. I'm glad that all of his hard work paid off. He is a super cutey.

Chappyswife said...

Susie, I just feel your excitement every time you write about your nephew. I know you are so proud. I am happy for you guys. Can't wait to see the movie, but I may be one of the party poopers who actually has to wait for it to come out on video. :0(

Thanks for the inside scoop and info!

Robin said...

You are the only reason I know as much as my students about HSM.

Sorry I haven't been around, job and all. =)

Love you!