Oct 15, 2008

More of Matt

Matt with fellow HSM3 cast members at Miley's Sweet Sixteen at Disneyland.

I don't think you've arrived in the Disney Ranks until you've made a "Your Watching Disney Channel" promo. Pretty cool and I found this one myself even though I haven't seen it live.

Click here to take a look.

***Tomorrow is the HSM3 premiere in LA and I'm sure Matt is nervous, exciting and beyond ready to see everyone's reaction. I wish I was going there so bad! I'll let you know how it went after I hear from Matt. I'm sure it will be a huge celebration. It opens nationwide on Friday, October 24th. My friend Dena and I are taking our girls, and even our friends Jim and Karissa are joining us who don't even have children yet. Skip is even going too, not that he had a choice.

BTW- We have found out why Skip has been having so much recurring pain in his hip since the surgery. He has a strained IT band and is now going through some pretty intensive physical therapy in hopes of alleviating the pain. Praise God we have met our out of pocket and insurance covers everything.


Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

You know what if funny, I am excited for Matt too...and I don't even know him. I read the People mag in the grocery ailse the other day and said to myself, "Ahh! Matt way to go kid!" I have my ticket already bought, I have a few pre-teens that JUST! CAN'T! WAIT!

Praying for Skip and prasing God for His provision.

Tiffany said...

It is all,"MOM it's Matt, it's Matt, it's Matt!! Then they bust out laughing. Not sure why. Jillian is all excited about the movie, Paige is secretly exctied. But yet staying cool.
I'm glad you found out more about Skips pain in his hip.
I'm suffering from major back pain today. It is not letting up.
I'll talk to you later, gater.

Annie said...

Glad you know what is causing the pain, that's the first step. Don't know if they do TENS at the pt place you go to, but I went from probable surgery the first week of July to almost full range of motion two weeks later when I got three TENS treatments in Vegas. It's also fixed my radial ulna nerve problem I've had for 11 years. The formal research says it doesn't work, but no one asked me. It's a freakin miracle in my book.

Chappyswife said...

Oh wow, he has made it big! A You're Watching Disney! That's cool.

I'm glad you found out what was hurting Skip's hip. I pray he is feeling better soon.