Oct 17, 2008

Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life

Have you had a most embarrassing moment? Up until last night, it was when I walked through a sliding glass door screen last year and knocked it off it's hinges. It was bad, but funny.

Last night my most embarrassing moment was not funny at all. I got sick. I puked actually. Oh, it gets better. I puked in one of our pastor's wives nice, clean van. In front of 5 other pastor's wives I am just getting to know! Great impression I made, huh? It was the kind of "Can you pull over I feel sick? Blahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I can't believe how out of control it was, and I was only a mile from my house.

They were so sweet and tried to make me feel it was not a big deal. But it was a night I'd soon like to forget. How did it happen? I made the horrible mistake of giving up caffeine yesterday when we had a big night planned. I didn't know I was that addicted, but around 5:30 pm yesterday, I starting getting a headache. The headache got worst through the night and we were having a chef teach us all how to make a gormet meal. I can't even write about what we had or I will puke again. It was really fun and different, but all I could focus on was my pounding headache. This morning I decided it might be a better idea to have a cup of coffee and GRADUALLY wean myself.

So I have two questions you can chime in on-pick one or both. Do you have a most embarrassing moment? Are you addicted to caffeine? I can answer both-YES!!!
Here is all of us many hours before the dreaded incident mentioned above occurred. I hate this picture of me, but everyone else looks so cute that I had to post it.


Leslie said...

WOW! EXACTLY what happened to me! Terrible. I do believe weaning yourself is a great idea! Ha! Once you get a headache that bad.... even a "FIX" of caffene does not work! So sorry!

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh. Girl. Are you okay today. Weaning yourself is off is good. Then do the 1/2 and 1/2. It works. Embarrassing moments, girlfriend----daily for me. This was'nt Lori's car? OMG!!

Susie said...

It was Theresa's van and she was so sweet. I think I need to send flowers and a carisma car was coupon. Ughhhhh!

Annie said...

Addicted to caffeine. YES. And no I don't have a problem.

Embarassing moments. I could probably give you a top ten list. Most recently, the brilliant idea to take an unstable four year old on an extended vacation. From the 80 minute panic attack on the plane, to the "get out of the fountain" at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant, where I was VIP'd because my BIL is a chef there.

Penless Thoughts said...

Bless your heart!!! Yes, I am very addicted to cafeine....coffee that is.

Just now getting around to trying to catch up!!! Thanks so very much for your prayers for Mickey & I. He is doing great. God is good....no God is WONDERFUL and his GRACE is exceeding!!! I'm so glad I know Him, not only as Savior but as Lord.

Bethany said...

You seem to hate a lot of your pictures-I'm the same way! Anyhow...no, I'm not addicted to caffeine. Several embarassing moments...1st: 7th grade, walking with my brother and his friend through the bus stop on our way to my mom's car, only to realize Dalton had been walking behind me with my skirt lifted up the WHOLE time and I had NO idea!!!! Humiliating! No time to write more at the moment.

Chappyswife said...

Uh, yes and yes. That's all I'll say about that!

You looked absolutely great in that pic! :0) Hope you feel better today.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am completely addicted to caffiene and I had the same thing happen to me just two weeks ago when I tried to give it up cold turkey. Oh, how my heart goes out to you that you had to endure your withdrawal sickness in front of others. I thankfull was in the comfort of my own bathroom.

I have too many embarrassing moments (not unusual for a klutz!) but I will pick the one that stands out the most.

This occurred at my wedding no less! After the ceremony, we were headed out of the church and into the limo when everyone was throwing bird seed. My photographer was a rather small man and was trying to capture our special moment on film. I didn't see him in front of me because of all the seed darting in my direction. The next thing I knew, I knocked him flat and we were both on the ground! It was bad! I got a big black mark on my beautiful dress! It was pretty humiliating at the time but after eleven years, it seems very funny!

Barb said...

I'm sure you were embarrassed to death, but I'm also sure they were all very understanding - they look like a great bunch of gals.

You're right - you can't just stop caffein cold turkey - that's going to result in a horrible headache every time. And evidently, in your case, an upset stomach too. Unless that gourmet meal was really terrible. I hope you're completely over it now and really, you shouldn't worry about this - I'll bet you anything, every single one of them has had an awful, embarrassing moment too. So I'll bet they're all hoping you won't feel awful, because they understand.