Oct 17, 2008

"A Night to Remember" for Matt and His Family

HSM 3 Premiere took place in LA last night and my sis was there to give me details and insight into the fabulous evening.

Matt looked smashing in his black Dior suit. He arrived late due to traffic, but he was able to do some interviews with E! News, Access Hollywood and Extra before heading in to watch the movie. My sis rode in a limo with her husband and daughter and even walked the red carpet, as well as going backstage to talk to all the young stars. Stephanie (my niece) is only 20 yrs. old which is the same age as many of the cast members. Debbie (my sis) said the movie was amazing, especially the dances. She said many in the audience cheered after each dance number. Matt was hilarious and she can't wait for everyone to see his performance. I can't wait either!!!

Here is Tony (Matt's dad), Debbie (Matt's mom and my sis), Steph (my niece-Matt's big sis) and Matt, of course. Don't they all look great!
Matt on the red carpet. No funny face making here. He looks very sophisticated and mature. You can't fool me Matt, I know you're cracking up inside.

There's that smile again. The interviewer is asking, "Hey Matt, who is your favorite aunt?" Matt said, "Well, of course it's my Aunt Susie who I'm going to thank when I get my first Oscar." Ha ha, maybe that's not exactly how it went. Anyway, he looks like a pro.

Here is the cast of HSM 3 and the Director and Producers. What a talented bunch! My sis said that we will all love it!
Stay tuned for the last "Mondays with Matt" this coming Monday because I have a surprise giveaway you mom's of teens and tweens won't want to miss!


Chappyswife said...

Hey, Susie! I think a night to remember might be a bit of an understatement. lol Can you even imagine? I can't. Your family looks right at home, though, there in the spotlight.

The previews are starting to be a little more frequent. It looks like it is going to be a great movie.

Anonymous said...


Looks like they all had a fantastic night and so they should....they deserve all the glory after the hard work!

I love your blog - your posts are always entertaining or very inspiring.

Matt and Chelsea looked so good together!

I have spoken to Matt a couple of times on the internet and he is such a nice person...you must be so proud of him!

Wish him my luck from Australia (he should know who I am!!)

Barb said...

This has to be so exciting for your whole family, Susie. I can't even imagine - I agree with Chappyswife - everyone looks right at home in the spotlight and on that red carpet. This is amazing. I know zilch about HSM but I can't wait to see this one.

Susanne said...

How exciting for your whole family!

I can't believe how much you and your sister look alike!