Nov 22, 2008

What's Making You Smile Today?

1. Having my kids off for a week.

2. Paying $1.69 a gallon for gas yesterday.

3. Sleeping in because I have my kids off for a week.

4. Seeing family for 3 days in Victoria!

5. My friend Laura's baby is doing better and may get out of the hospital in the next couple of days. Praise God!

What is making you smile right now?


Penless Thoughts said...

Reading your post for one thing :o)
Taking a ride with my husband today for another. Getting ready to prepare Thankgiving dinner and having my kids and grandkids here to celebrate it and 2 birthdays. Especially knowing that God loves me!!!

Tiffany said...

Lots of things make me smile. Posted them on my blog. Great idea to do.

Annie said...

Me too with the gas prices, I paid $1.77 last week and celebrated, and this morning when I saw $1.68 I wasn't low enough to bother filling up.

Ashley said...


Debbie said...

I'm smiling because this is my first Thanksgiving with my grandson, Deacon. I'm also thankful that my son will get to be here for a few days. Oh, and a wonderful friend is letting us stay in Victoria for free. Now we just need to find an extra bed.