Nov 21, 2008

Movie Reviews

It's been a while since my last movie review. It's probably because we rarely go see movies, and therefore hard to make a current review. In the last week I have seen two blockbusters and definitely was not disappointed.

I'll start with my favorite. Stephenie Meyer's best seller Twilight was exactly what I thought it would be...wonderful. If you have read the book, you will develop an even a deeper appreciation for the series and the characters. If you haven't read the book, please don't go see it. You won't get it, and you won't see what all the fuss is about. Well, you might if your my mom who saw it last night with my sis and neice. She said she is going to now buy the series to read. However it frightened her. The only time I screamed was in the previews to a horror movie which was just plain evil. My eyes were covered the entire time.

I took my daughter Ashley to the 12:01 AM showing (on a school night) and the die hard Twilight fans were out in full fashion. We got there over an hour early and barely found seats with pre-purchased tickets. Twilight shirts scattered our packed theater, and even though our film had a few glitches during the previews, everyone was so excited it made the anticipation even stronger. My daughter and her friend Jordan made Team Edward and Team Jacob shirts splattered with their favorite quotes from each. They had so much fun giggling and taking pictures and videos before the movie (an hour wait remember), that I thought surely the movie will be boring compared to all the fun they were having. Not a chance! They screamed the first time Edward, Jacob, Emmett, Jasper and Dr. Cullen crossed the scream. They oohed and awed, clapped, cheered and finally sat still and smiled as the main characters shared the first day in the sunlight together.

It was a pretty true to the book and as cheesy as young love gets. I happen to like cheesy and so I loved the movie. I am not going to actually give a real review of this movie and tell you what the story is about. You can find out everything you ever wanted to know and more about Twilight by going here, here or Ashley's favorite site here.

The only problem I have with Twilight is the obsessiveness I see with this series. Teens and even adults are going nuts over the characters, the actors playing the characters and the books. I wish my daughter had as many highlights and ear-marked pages in her bible as she has in her treasured Twilight books. Part of my job as a parent is to encourage a love, and a passion for God's word. When Ashley or any one of my kids hear a story come to life from the bible, it should far surpass the excitement of a teen fiction book. This bestselling series is not ending anytime soon; there are a possible three more movies since there are three more books. I definitely have my work cut out for me. But all this said, it was so much fun to take Ashley out to her first midnight show and stay up until 2:45am. She may be falling asleep during Greek today, but she'll admit that it was in the top ten nights of her life.

Skip and I saw Quantum of Solace for his birthday. It was strictly a labor of love for me. I have no interest in seeing a suave Daniel Craig speak in a British accent for an hour and 40 minutes, wearing gorgeous suits and always being the hero. Nope, no interest in that kind of thing of all.

Believe me? I didn't think so. Actually, I loved this movie as well. Great action, cool chases, and hang on the edge of your seat sequences. Daniel Craig is by far my favorite Bond. Although I'm really not much of a Bond fan except for View to a Kill because my boys Duran Duran did the opening song for that one.

*If you were looking for real reviews, I just realized I didn't do that it all. I just shared my thoughts about two really good movies I just so happen to see this week. If your like me and don't go to the movie very often, it is nice to go spend a trillion dollars and actually like what you see. If you did see a good movie lately, pass the info on to me. Even if it's a rental, we will have some down time this next week with family and would love to hear about a good flick.

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Ashley said...

YES! It was the best movie ever, well - for Aunt Debbie's sake - barely better than HSM3. I get to see it again on Friday!