Jan 1, 2009

Favorite Worship Song

One of my favorite worship songs of all time was written by my husband in 2003 and was part of Saddleback's Song Seeker CD of 2004. It doesn't matter how many times I've listened, I still love it. I didn't even know it was available to listen to online until I googled it. I love that about the internet. The singer performing the song is Lyndsey Wallace from Saddleback church.

Hope you enjoy it too!

Click Here To Play I Want To Be Like Jesus

I'm always looking for a great song for Skip to use in Worship and have asked before for your favorite. A good song is a good song, so it doesn't matter if it's old or new. What is your favorite worship song?


Annie said...

Let us know when he puts it out with him singing it. I'm going to have to dig out the dvd from 100 years ago and record it off of there. I like it in all versions but him singing it is the best.

As far as others.....It is you, by Newsboys.

Tammy Mosedale said...

Thank you for posting the song. I can not tell you the last time I heard it. It is truly a worship song. So many thoughts and memories tied to it. Thank you again.

My favorite would be
Tree63 with "Treasure"

Tiffany said...

Susie, this is to weird. Jeff and I were just humming to this song a few weeks ago. For the life of us we could not remember who sung it.
What do you know it was from your husband. I know Skip has written many others and miss hearing them.
My favorite song right now is
I"m willing by Jermeny Camp.

Linda said...

Tell Skip I think it a beautiful song - just wonderful Susie.
My favorite these days is "God With Us."
Thank you for your prayers dear one and Happy New Year.

DeeDee said...

This was one of my favs that Shannon used to sing!!!

DA Wagners said...

I so needed to hear this song tonight. I think I try so hard to be the best wife, the best mom, the best writer possible; and I forget that I just need to by like Jesus. It's so humbling to see that my efforts are so out of whack, but it's so freeing at the same time. Love the song. I just let music and lyrics sink into all my sinful parts!

Debbie said...

I totally forgot that Skip wrote that. I love that song and I miss hearing it at Parkway! My favorite worship song of all time is "Shout to the Lord".

Annie said...

I tagged you. Come over and play.

Maria Estella Larson said...

I soooooooo remember that song! Thanks for sharing - Listening to it now, I can't help but cry! Beautiful song! Skip, as long as I've known you guys, has been soooo gifted! Anyone who has come across his path has been truly blessed!
Maria Estella Larson